“Aeolian plague”, Patrice Cahart warns about these steel giants

« Aeolian plague “, thus Patrice Cahart describes this solution to the energy issue in France, which he considers illusory. A retired senior civil servant, he is now alerting to the problems posed by wind turbines.

Claiming his independence, he analyzes them with a neutral eye, and according to him, decision-makers too often listen to ” ideologues Who dream of a green solution, but wind turbines are not that green, he defends. They not only have a manufacturing cost but in various aspects, they require, for each new wind farm, the installation of a “gas plant”, in order to compensate for the drop in production of these large buildings sometimes exceeding the 200 meters.

What then is the solution? Nuclear ? Also producing waste that we do not know what to do with, this also raises questions. According to the former inspector general of finance, these plants do not pose a particular security problem today, we are far from having a case like Fukushima. There is no perfect solution, but “ there are better than others », He explains. The stations off-shore where we install wind turbines at sea, are they the key?

Patrice Cahart has taken up “the challenge of truth”.

“Aeolian plague”, to Hugo & Cie editions.

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