AEW Dynamite # 72: Results and report from Jacksonville, Florida, USA from 02/17/2021

All Elite Wrestling Dynamite #72
Ort: Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida, USA
First broadcast: February 17, 2021

Right at the start of the show, Adam Page and Matt Hardy go into the ring. A review shows how this collaboration came about.
Their opponents are already in the ring

1. Match
Tag Team Match
Adam Page & Matt Hardy won against The Hybrid 2 (Angelico & Jack Evans) after Hardy’s Twist of Fate to Angelico

After the match, Hardy gets a microphone and says that Adam Page will make a lot of money. And Matt gets 30% of that. Adam made the right decision.
To which, however, Page replies that Hardy should have been more careful in the bar because he signed something different than Hardy thinks.
Page’s contract is brought to the ring by the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot, and Hardy begins to read.
Hardy realizes this isn’t one of his contracts. It is a contract for a match: Matt Hardy vs. Adam Page with the additional clause that should Matt lose, Adam Page will receive all of Hardy’s income in the first quarter of 2021. Hardy would like the same clause in there for his win and Page says they now have a “money match”.
When the mascot turns out to be Isaiah Kassidy, Hardy calls TH2 for help and promises $ 700 each if they beat up Page. Just as they are starting, “The Dark Order” comes to the rescue and drives them away. So Page can land his lariat with Matt Hardy.

We now see Alex Marvez at the Inner Circle asking Santana and Ortiz about their title match tonight. They talk about having been with AEW for 18 months and now they get their chance. MJF says that he was attacked by Sammy without any warning. Jericho, however, replies that MJF had provoked him again and again over the past few weeks. So MJF is not entirely innocent, but of course it was mainly Sammy’s decision. Sammy made a bad decision leaving the Inner Circle and that means he died for Jericho. Jericho never wants to hear Sammy’s name again. Tonight, however, Santana and Ortiz will bring gold to the Inner Circle again.

2. Match
AEW Women’s Title Eliminator – 1. Runde – Singles Match
Riho beat Serene Deeb after a double foot stomp and more pin attempts

In a video we see Jade Cargill playing basketball while Shaq watches her training.

In the hall we now see Taz, Brian Cage and Hook. Taz grabs a microphone and says that every week he sees a Sting calling out Team Taz. Now Sting is called out. It starts to snow and Sting arrives.
Taz stops the music and tells Sting that it would be the worst for him to get into the ring now. He always needs his bat to face them.
Then Sting drops the bat and takes off his trench coat. Sting attacks Cage, but Hook comes to his aid and Cage can make a statement to Sting with a power bomb. Cage is now posing over the Sting lying on the ground.

Eddie Kingston wants a match tonight and shares the story with Lance, Rey Fenix ​​and Mox. Mox is a demon who has to get rid of others. But he won’t get rid of him. Because he has to defeat Mox.

Now we see Kenny Omega and Don Callis in a classroom reading a book to children. Kenny tells them that this is about their very best friends, the Young Bucks. It’s the Young Bucks autobiography. Omega reads the story of Kenny and Jericho’s encounter at WrestleKingdom 12. Don says they have to go now and the kids chant for Kenny. Don goes and the kids ask if Kenny can play. Michael Nakazawa says that Kenny can play, and the kids go after Kenny.

3. Match

AEW World Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) (c) won against The Inner Circle (Santana & Ortiz) via Pin Einroller

Immediately the Inner Circle comes out and goes for the Young Bucks. Backstage, Kenny tells Don that he has to help them. But Don sends the Good Brothers to the ring.
In the ring we see Jake Hager grabbing Brandon Cutler and the Good Brothers arriving at the ring, whereupon the Inner Circle withdraws.

Brandi Rhodes announces that she will reveal the gender of her child tonight. This leads to Codys Entrance and takes place with the commentators.

JR tells Tony this could be the best night in business history. Then we see an “It’s a girl” on the big screen.

We take a look back at why FTRs have been suspended for the past 3 weeks.

4. Match
Tag Team Match
FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) won against Matt and Mike Sydal via pin to from Dax to Mike

After the match, FTR fetch a pair of scissors from a first aid kit. The lights go out and we see the Luchasaurus mask on the screen. When the lights come on again, the Jurassic Express is in the ring. The Luchasaurus has a new mask and it is linked to them to drive out FTR.

Jon Moxley now talks about Eddie’s endless problems. He’ll spank Kingston’s ass whenever and wherever. Then he will get Strong Kenta from NJPW and also anyone who stands in his way on the way to becoming champion.

5. Match
6-Men Tag Team Match
Jon Moxley, Lance Archer & Rey Fenix ​​won against Eddie Kingston, Butcher & Blade after Moxley’s paradigm shift to Kingston

The Good Brothers come to the ring and attack Moxley. They hold Moxley for Kenny Omega coming to the ring, while Don Callis wears the belt.
Kenny tells him that the contract gives him another rematch and he will. At revolution. Since Moxley keeps coming back it will be an “Exploding Barbed Wire Deatch Match”!

Mox can break free and kick Kenny, but Kenny counters with the V trigger.
Kenny says Mox will never get the belt. It will only get worse and … “we’re out of time”


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