AEW Dynamite # 84 results & report from Jacksonville, Florida, USA from May 12th, 2021 (incl. Video of the complete show and voting)

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All Elite Wrestling Dynamite #84
Ort: Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida, USA
First broadcast: May 12, 2021

Pre Show

It’s wednesday night, and you know what that means! Jim Ross welcomes us to today’s show before introducing us to his colleagues at the commentary table, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone. It starts immediately with the first of three title matches.

1. Match
IWGP United States Championship
Singles Match
Jon Moxley (w / Eddie Kingston) wins against Yuji Nagata (w / Ren Narita) via pin after the Paradigm Shift aka. Death Rider.
Match time: 08:33

After the match, the two opponents show their respect. The commentators meanwhile go through the rest of tonight’s matchcard.

The Inner Circle is ready for an interview. Ortiz describes MJF as a bad person who knocked Jericho off the cage last week and, to top it all, arranged for Santana to be arrested for poking him with a fork. Jake Hager states that while they were defeated, they were not dead. The three agree that they won the match and Sammy Guevara is now calling for a rematch, otherwise they will bury The Pinnacle.

Cody Rhodes plays music, he has a big announcement to make. He speaks of being a proud citizen of the United States, despite all legitimate criticism. Anthony Ogogo, however, has made fun of the United States in every way in the past, but it is in this very country that he earns his money and lives a good life. Rhodes explains a few more advantages of the United States before he finally comes to the fact that at the upcoming PPV “Double Or Nothing” Anthony Ogogo will meet “The American Dream” (instead of Nightmare) Cody Rhodes.
A video about the past of SCU, specifically the clash with the Young Bucks, is shown.

2. Match
AEW World Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) (w / Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, Brandon Cutler & Don Callis) won against SCU (Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels) via to Christopher Daniels through Matt Jackson after the BTE trigger.
Match time: 13:52
– Due to the defeat, Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels will no longer compete as a team at AEW.
– Don Callis once again found a place among the commentators for the match.
– Frankie Kazarian managed to roll Nick Jackson over for several seconds, but Doc Gallows created a distraction so the referee didn’t notice.
– Several tributes have been incorporated. Among other things, Frankie Kazarian showed a Styles Clash and Nick Jackson faked tears and said “I’m sorry. I love you ”, alluding to the spot in the match between Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair on“ WrestleMania XXIV ”.
– Shortly before the finish, Brandon Cutler distracted the referee again, which Matt Jackson used to spray ice spray in Daniels’ eyes.

After the match, we see Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley dismantling the “Elite” locker room, obviously angry with the group’s actions. A stunned Frankie Kazarian can also be seen, after all, the defeat means the end of SCU. He and Daniels hug and say goodbye to each other in the ring.

Christian Cage speaks backstage about Taz and repeats what he recently said: Taz is not a man who can confirm words with deeds. He is available for a match next week, Taz can choose the member, which he then sends to him in the ring. He will take part in the Casino Battle Royal at “Double or Nothing” (where the winner gets a title match whenever he wants) and that he will win. Matt Sydal arrives and tells Cage not to plan that far ahead. The two exchange a few niceties before Sydal announces that he will step into the ring against Christian next week and derail the Hype Train. He will also be in the Casino Battle Royal.

3. Match
AEW World Title Eliminator – Singles Match
Orange Cassidy vs. PAC ends in a tie after a double count-out.
Match time: 14:07
– Orange Cassidy seemed to have been seriously injured, Referee Aubrey Edwards at least made the appropriate arm signal after about ten minutes. Don Callis came out later and asked both opponents to kindly end the match, while Kenny Omega knocked PAC down from behind with the title. That also meant the end of the match.

Don Callis and Kenny Omega talk about doing a road trip at the PPV because nobody won. Tony Schiavone interrupts the two and claims to have been informed that Omega now has to defend its title in “Double or Nothing” in a 3-way match against PAC and Orange Cassidy. Omega is terribly upset about this decision.

The rest of the elite are also furious about the destruction of their dressing room. But the Young Bucks don’t want to dwell on it any longer and claim to have retired one of the biggest tag teams in history. Next week they want to compete against the new # 1 Contender, which in their opinion should be the Varsity Blondes. But they also have a score to go with Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston. The two invite you to a super kick party at “Double or Nothing”.

Alex Marvez is on “Hangman” Adam Page and the Dark Order. He talks about how it had to happen that he was defeated, and so it was Brian Cage who was able to defeat him. But somehow he had the feeling that he was more defeated by Taz. And he can’t imagine Cage being happy with it. He asks him to leave the group and earn his spot in a real one-on-one at Double or Nothing.

The Pinnacle is on its way to the victory celebration. MJF appears with a crown because he is now the King of AEW and the “Demo God”. He calls himself the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) and everyone should bow to him and his group. It was only thanks to them that they had such good ratings last week. MJF is very surprised at the request for a rematch. But he refuses. Tully Blanchard claims to have always been at the top. And since Guevara gave up last week, he finally sees the feud as over. To celebrate the day, he bought expensive watches for all members. For this he is hugged by the others. Suddenly one hears wild horns, it is the three remaining members of the Inner Circle who come into the arena in a “Little Bit of the Bubbly” car, Guevara is standing at a kind of water cannon. Suddenly we see that Chris Jericho is also on the wagon! This asks again for a rematch, but MJF refuses again. Of course, the water cannon is now used, which soaks the pinnacle with the bubbly. MJF is furious and promises the Inner Circle a Stadium Stampede Match at Double or Nothing. And when the Inner Circle loses, it has to dissolve forever. The Pinnacle leaves the ring, the crown stays there. During the segment, five young women stood outside the ring the entire time.

Jim Ross spoke to Dr. Britt Baker, DMD Baker states that Shida broke her nose in their last encounter, creating a “monster” that will ultimately overthrow her. You will be the next AEW Women’s Champion. Guar tea, DMD

4. Match
Singles Match
Thunder Rosa won against Jazmin Allure via after the Thunder Driver.
Match time: 01:57

Next week:

NWA Women’s World Championship
Singles Match
Serena Deeb (c) vs. Red Velvet

AEW World Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Match
Young Bucks vs. Varsity Blonds

Singles Match
Christian Cage vs. Matt Sydal

Singles Match
Anthony Ogogo (w/ The Factory) vs. Austin Gunn

Jade Cargill was interviewed by Tony Schiavone, but first the offer from Mark Sterling is shown on Dark: Elevation. Cargill again states that it will take care of its own business.

A video of Darby Allin visiting his hometown Seattle, the place where he grew up. He talks about how Miro achieved nothing during his time at AEW except playing video games and being a best man. Allin know who Allin is. And Miro won’t win the title.

5. Match
TNT Championship
Singles Match
“The Best Man” Miro won against Darby Allin (w / Sting) via referee stoppage after Allin lost consciousness in Game Over -> Title change!
Match time: 11:31
– Miro attacked Allin before the match when he wanted to enter the ring and beat him around the ring for several minutes, which Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky in the audience found very entertaining. All of these attacks were only enough for a two count immediately after the bell rang.
– Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page attacked Sting after about two minutes.
– Darby Allin had Miro in a sleeper hold, but was unable to maintain it due to his shoulder injury.

Even after the match, Sting is attacked by Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky, but the Dark Order can drive off the two heels. Miro is celebrating in the ring when we hear the music of Lance Archer, who is held up by Jake Roberts. It seems we’ve already found Miro’s first challenger.

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