AEW Dynamite results as of September 30, 2020

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AEW Dynamite September 30 summary

AEW Dynamite Jacksonville, Floride.

Commentators are Jim Ross, Taz and Excalibur.

– Tonight it’s AEW Dynamite, the show starts with the commentators who welcome us and the pyros. Starks is the first to enter the ring.

Singles Match

Ricky Starks vs Darby Allin

During the fight, Will Hobbs chases Brian Cage who wanted to intervene.

At the end of the fight, Allin goes for his Springboard Cutter, but Starks blocks him with a Spear and covers him, but he resists two! Starks picks him up and rides him to the corner for his finisher, but Allin blocks him and knocks him back to the ground to make him his Coffin Drop. Allin covers him for the count of three.

Gagnant : Darby Allin

– The commentators present us with tonight’s menu and we learn that Tony Schiavone is not with them because he is preparing an interview with FTR.

– The lights go out and Cody Rhodes arrives in the ring.

– Back after the break, Dasha is in the ring with Cody and wish him a nice return. She asks him how he’s been since the injury. Cody says you should never wrestle injured. But what if the break is secondary and the mind is stronger? Before the pandemic, people behind the scenes shook hands to show respect. Now we shake hands to show that we need others. You have to imagine how ashamed he was to lose the TNT title in 3 minutes. He got calls and he took the chance to go to Hollywood. He had the chance to shoot a show with big stars. He then wondered who he is? The guy who lost in 3 minutes. Dasha says he’s back on his feet. Cody says people were talking about being the future. He would like to say that success returns to him after this first year of Dynamite. But it comes down to champions Hikaru Shida, Jon Moxley and Brodie Lee. Dasha asks if he accepts the challenge for the Dog Collar Match. Cody says it’s an unsafe fight, a violent fight. For a title he wants so badly, as director of a company, his answer is no! Cody leaves the ring, but stops and returns. Cody says it’s a no like no regrets, like no turning back. They will come out of combat differently. The Dog Collar Match, next week he accepts ! Brodie Lee arrives to attack Cody, the two exchanges blows. The Dark Order and officials arrive to separate the two.

– Behind the scenes, Tony Schiavone is with FTR to talk about the fight against SCU. Cash Wheeler says the Best Friends weren’t ready last week, so it’s a favor to face them later. SCU were the better team, now they have to beat them for their legacy. Tony asks for comments on the Young Bucks. Dax Harwood says they wasted their chance at All Out and before. They don’t deserve a chance. Tony asks who they want to face for the Full Gear PPV. Matt Jackson walks in and gives Tony a Superkick! Dax says they were right here, why attack the old man?

– Behind the scenes, Dasha is with SCU for their comments. Scorpio Sky says chances do come sometimes, tonight they’ll take advantage of it. Frankie says they are going to become the champions for a second time, he can guarantee that. Scorpio and Frankie walk towards the entrance and Shawn Spears wishes Scorpio good luck.

– Adam Hangman Page takes his seat with the commentators for the next fight.

AEW Tag Team Championship – Tag Team Match

SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) accompanied by Christopher Daniels vs FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) (c) accompanied by Tully Blanchard

At the end of the fight, Sky is in control and does a Suplex to Wheeler. Wheeler rolls over to the other side and steps onto the apron. Sky gives him a Suplex again, but Blanchard pulls Sky’s legs so that Wheeler falls on Sky. Wheeler covers Sky and Blanchard holds his legs to complete the count of three.

Winners: FTR

– Commentators are announcing that we will have an eight-man elimination tournament that ends at Full Gear to take on the AEW champion. We learn that Jungle Boy, Rey Fenix ​​and Kenny Omega will be participants. Adam Page remains surprised and leaves the commentary table.

– Back, the wrestlers arrive.

Singles Match

Isiah Kassidy accompanied by Marq Quen and Matt Hardy vs Chris Jericho accompanied by Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara

At the end of the fight, Kassidy blocks the Lionsault and gives him a Lionsault to cover him, but Jericho resists. Kassidy chains up with a Code Breaker and covers him up, but Jericho still resists. Kassidy launches into Springboard, but Jericho blocks him with a Judas Effect for the count of three.

Gagnant : Chris Jericho

– After the fight, the Inner Circle hits Kassidy, but Matt Hardy steps into the ring with a chair and the Inner Circle flees. Jericho and Hager decide to go attack Serpentico and Luther in ringside as they hit Jericho during the match.

– Behind the scenes, we find Kip Sabian and Miro discussing his bachelor party. The two chat while playing arcade games. Veteran video game player Billy Mitchell arrives and says he’s going to help Miro put on the funky party.

– Behind the scenes, Dasha is with Best Friends to get their comments on FTR and the Dark Order, but FTR is coming. Harwood says they did a favor last week. There is a place at the top of the map for champions and in the middle of the map for others. Wheeler says it’s OK to eat cookies with their mom. Cassidy says they’re going to crush them.

– Back, the Dark Order is coming.

Singles Match

Orange Cassidy accompanied by Chuck Taylor and Trent vs #10 du Dark Order

At the end of the fight, Cassidy blocks a # 10 Slam with DDT and continues with a Superman Punch. Cassidy ends up with an Alabama Slam for the count of three.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

– Behind the scenes, MJF and Wardlow arrive at the Inner Circle lodge with a gift. MJF says he wants to congratulate him on his victory, so he brings him a gift. MJF opens the box and gives out Inner Circle coats to the members. MJF says a coat is missing for Sammy Guevara, MJF says it’s not on purpose. Jericho asks him what he’s doing here. MJF replies that he just wants to congratulate him. Jericho thanks him for the coats, but he’s still waiting for the answer to his question, does he want to join the Inner Circle. MJF says he also asked him a question, does he want to have MJF in the Inner Circle? The two ask the question again by repeating. Jericho thanks him again for the coats. MJF says he’s so excited for Jericho’s 30th birthday celebrations, a really great ride.

– Back, Baker is back.

Singles Match

Britt Baker accompanied by Reba vs Red Velvet

At the end of the fight, Baker kicks Velvet in the head for the count of three.

Winner: Britt Baker

– After the fight, Baker has fun applying his Lock Jaw on Velvet.

– It’s announced that for the Jericho 30th anniversary special next week that: Jericho and Hager will face Luther and Serpentico, Will Hobbs will face Brian Cage, and Brodie Lee will defend his TNT title in a Dog Collar Match against Cody Rhodes .

– Eddie Kingston arrives in the ring with a referee. Back, Eddie Kingston says that last Wednesday he didn’t hit Jon Moxley. Our champion Moxley was so angry that he called Tony Khan to organize this match. Kingston says he’s not going to choose himself. Before announcing who is going to beat Moxley, he needs to talk to a friend. Kingston asks the referee what gave him the right to stop the fight when he didn’t tap or give up. The referee says Kingston was unresponsive. His job is to protect the lives of the fighters, to protect the wrestlers from oneself. Kingston and the Lucha Bros surround the referee, but Jon Moxley arrives with a barbed wire stick. Kingston’s group leaves the ring. Kingston says Moxley is not going to face his best friends, he is going to face the Butcher.

AEW World Championship – Singles Match

Jon Moxley vs The Butcher

At the end of the fight, Moxley does his Paradigm Shift on Butcher and applies his Bulldog Choke to him to get him hit.

Winner: Jon Moxley via submission

The show ends with a celebration of Moxley, while Kingston is furious.


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