AEW wrestlers help their Jacksonville community

A great community activity for three AEW wrestlers as they decided to come to the aid of the community in need of Jacksonville.

Brian Pillman Jr, Rebel and Red Velvet spent their January 9 day donating food and clothing to the homeless in the city of Jacksonville, Florida with the ‘Love-Alive’ association. Pillman Jr wrote on Twitter:

“ For the city that allowed us to have a career in wrestling, I think that’s the least we can do !!! ??? ”

We must not forget that without the city of Jacksonville and Florida, which have accepted the AEW to produce their show since the start of the pandemic, the entire company roster would have ended on leave. Pillman, Rebel and Velvet also took part in an independent show in the evening which was used to raise funds for the association. A great way to thank the community.

Photo credit: AEW


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