AFA-San Martín: the hearing has ended and the parties await the CAS decision

The case of the claim that San Martín submitted to the TAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport, for its acronym in English) requesting from AFA equal treatment with respect to the rest of the clubs, is close to its end.

Almost an hour ago the hearing before the judges ended Ernesto Gamboa, Efraín Barak and Juan Pablo Arriagada In which the lawyers representing AFA and the lawyers defending the rights of San Martín participated: Daniel Crespo and Fernando Santillán. In addition, the president also participated Roberto Sagra. “This served to reinforce our position and our arguments. AFA limited itself to making an oral presentation of the brief that it had presented. Now it only remains to wait for the court’s resolution,” Santillán said.

Although not many details of the summit were revealed, in La Ciudadela they were satisfied because they were able to present their arguments. Now the judges will analyze every detail and dictate the sentence according to the majority of its members.

The ruling issued by the highest court, which will decide whether to confirm AFA’s resolution or to annul it, is binding and final, so both parties must abide by it.

Both the “holy” representatives and those of AFA requested a quick ruling and the judges agreed to make it known as soon as possible.


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