AfD party congress: Gauland strikes back

Dhe sensational speech by AfD party leader Jörg Meuthen at the federal party conference in Kalkar has caused clear criticism in his party. In a highly emotional speech, the party leader blamed the radicals in the party for their lack of success. The times when electoral success followed electoral success are over; the successes of the AfD and even the party are “at risk like never before”. Meuthen had blamed the provocative demeanor and the rough choice of words of the people from the right wing.

In detail, Meuthen had distanced himself from the “lateral thinker” movement and criticized the choice of words of the “Corona dictatorship” as well as the comparison of the Infection Protection Act with the “Enabling Act” of the National Socialists. Meuthen had said that it was a “trivialization of the horrific misdeeds of those dark times”. He had demanded discipline and professionalization and railed against “pubescent schoolboys”, “Politkasperle” and those “who are only too happy to scamper and roll around”.

Alexander Gauland, parliamentary group leader in the Bundestag, was one of the first to attack Meuthen directly. The speech of the party chairman was in parts “divisive”, Gauland told the Phoenix broadcaster. Gauland himself recently spoke of a “Corona” dictatorship in the Bundestag. Now he said it was “ridiculous” if Meuthen insinuated that he was questioning the constitution because of the use of this term. Gauland also does not share Meuthen’s criticism of the lateral thinkers. They also have “a lot of middle-class people”. Meuthen makes it “too easy” for itself with insulting them. With his speech, Meuthen “offended many people in the plenary”. Meuthen’s attack on the Bundestag faction because of the disturbances in the Bundestag by guests of AfD members he “did not understand at all,” said Gauland. “We have solved this problem in the Bundestag faction and the party chairman does not have to interfere in a speech that is supposed to bring people together,” said Gauland. Censorship from Meuthen “I cannot and will not accept”.

After Meuthen’s speech, there was applause, but also boos. Many delegates refused to applaud. Meuthen lacked a sense of how far he can go, even some of his supporters of the FAZ said. Many delegates see a movement like lateral thinking as a great potential for voters for the AfD.


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