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We were able to take charge of the CX True Wireless, the next wireless headphones from Sennheiser. More compact and slightly less premium than the Momentum True Wireless 2, they are nonetheless equipped with many qualities. Starting with the sound and the price just as small as their format.

CX True Wireless headphones

CX True Wireless headphones // Source: FRANDROID / Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS

Good sound for everyone and at all prices. This is the goal of Sennheiser with its wireless headphones. With its premium range Momentum True Wireless, the German specialist has struck a blow on the intras market by offering a very high quality sound.

But, in its bag, Sennheiser also has a more affordable version, the CX, which makes some concessions compared to its top-of-the-range model, but not on the sound. After the last CX 400 BT, the brand unveils its CX True Wireless on Tuesday.

Pure Sennheiser headphones

At first glance, these are Sennheiser headphones. We find the usual design of the earphones, in a casing nevertheless more compact than that of the Momentum 2. If you have small ears, you will perhaps find the CX True Wireless a little bulky and you have to rotate them well in the horn. to wedge them (four sets of tips are included to find the one that suits you), but also to position them pleasantly. They have the merit of not moving afterwards and displaying an IPX4 waterproofing to be able to withstand sweat or splashes, rain, etc.

Les CX True Wireless

Les CX True Wireless // Source : Sennheiser

Pairing is very simple thanks to the Bluetooth 5.2 connection, but not necessarily very intuitive. You open the box, position the headphones over your ears, and keep your fingers resting on each earpiece. The pairing is done and the headphones appear in the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone, tablet or Windows / Mac PC. To maximize their use, you can also use the Sennheiser Smart Control application, which provides access to the integrated equalizer to adjust according to your preferences according to your activity (music, podcast, phone call, etc.).

Top flight autonomy and some concessions

Inside, the CX True Wireless have the in-house TrueResponse transducer for “Offer superior audio quality”. This acoustic system reproduces high-fidelity stereo sound, deep and detailed, promises the manufacturer. They are compatible with codecs audio SBC, AAC et aptX. There are also two microphones on each earpiece to better capture the voice, even if you only wear one intra during a phone call for example. In addition, in the app, the Sidetone function allows you to test the rendering of your voice and to hear yourself to set the cursor to the right balance.

In terms of autonomy, Sennheiser announces nine hours per earphone which can be extended up to 27 hours thanks to the charging box provided to house them. And after three-four days, we still didn’t need to recharge them with several hours of daily listening use.

What about uses? It is extremely simple. On each earpiece, there are touch-sensitive controls of a three-way press as well as a long press (on / off, next / previous title depending on the earpiece, call acceptance / hang up, volume increased / lowered). A firmware update will allow you to customize the controls. The good news, which was terribly lacking in the first version of Momentum True Wireless and which is corrected here – just like on the Momentum True Wireless 2 -, is the automatic activation or deactivation of CX True Wireless as soon as they are taken out. or put back in their case. A good economy of autonomy in sight.

The new CX True Wireless headphones

The new CX True Wireless headphones // Source: Sennheiser

Compared to Momentum True Wireless 2, Sennheiser has made some concessions on the product which is a little less premium with its plastic present on the headphones, as on the case. We do not find active noise reduction either, but the tips have the merit of cutting outside noise well in listening as in call on our first tests. It is also the price to pay to see the bill go down and keep the essential: the signature audio quality.

CX True Wireless pricing and availability

The CX True Wireless headphones will be available in matte black or matte white on July 8 at 129 euros.

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