Afghan newscaster presents newspaper surrounded by armed Taliban

An Afghan presenter surrounded by armed Taliban

An Afghan newscaster was spotted reading the headlines while surrounded by armed Taliban.

The clip was shared online by the TV studio after activists stormed the building and demanded that the presenter praise the Taliban.

This is what Afghan television can look like, with Taliban watching over the presenter.

In this video, the presenter is surrounded by eight gunmen who appear to be watching him as he reads.

They reportedly stormed the building on Sunday and demanded that the presenter interview them.

According to WIO News, the presenter engaged in a debate with the activists while he was on air.

The news outlet reports that the presenter spoke of the collapse of the government in Afghanistan and urged the Afghan people not to be afraid. During the show, called Pardaz, the presenter also allegedly asked people to cooperate with the group.

Sharing images from inside the newsroom, Zaki Daryabi, editor of Etilaatroz and KabulNow, said on Twitter: “This is what Etilaatroz cannot accept. Otherwise, we will stop our work ”.

Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad retweeted the video and said: “It’s surreal. Taliban militants pose with weapons behind this visibly petrified TV host and make him say that Afghans should not be afraid of the Islamic emirate. The Taliban themselves are synonymous with fear in the minds of millions of people. This is just further proof. ”

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