Afghanistan: journalist who interviewed Taliban spokesperson fled the country

INTERNATIONAL – She is one of the main witnesses of the return of the Taliban in the landscape not only political, but also media of l’Afghanistan. Television journalist Beheshta Arghand, who interviewed the Taliban spokesperson on television immediately after their arrival in Kabul, announced that she was also fleeing the country.

As you can see from the video at the top of this article, the journalist felt herself in danger. In remarks reported by the CNN channel, she would have thus declared “I left the country, because like millions of people, I fear the Taliban”.

Aged 24, the professional therefore boarded a Qatari plane at the end of August. The one who had contributed to the operation of “seduction” of the Taliban who seemed to want to present a more moderate face to the world demonstrates by her flight, like thousands of his fellow-citizens, that it was only a fragile façade.

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