Afghanistan under Taliban rule: G20 pledge 1 billion euros to ‘save the country a humanitarian catastrophe’

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Aid workers say Afghanistan faces an acute humanitarian crisis

On Tuesday, a Taliban delegation held a meeting in Doha with European and American officials, the first among the three parties since the movement’s takeover of Afghanistan, coinciding with the G20 pledge to cooperate to spare the country a humanitarian catastrophe.

State Department spokesman Ned Price described the discussions as “productive, positive” and addressed security and terrorism concerns, providing safe passage for foreign nationals and Afghan allies of the United States to leave the country, as well as human rights.

For her part, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the country should not be allowed to “sink into chaos”, during the virtual summit of the Group of Twenty, which was held in Rome.

The European Union pledged 1 billion euros in humanitarian aid, while the United Nations urged world leaders to pump billions of dollars into the Afghan economy.

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