African American dies of suspected suffocation after being detained in Minneapolis

Ten minutes. Ten long minutes of agony recorded on camera and shared on social networks, in short version. Not because of avoiding hurting the sensitivity of the viewers, but because the capacity of attention in the networks does not give to maintain it for ten minutes.

Those who did hold out to the end were the witnesses to the latest incident of police brutality in Minneapolis, which occurred at eight o’clock on Monday afternoon. The shocking document recorded on his phone by Darnella Franzier, a pedestrian who was visiting friends when she saw the incident, shows a black man on the ground bearing the weight of a white policeman who crushes his neck with his knee. For ten minutes straight. “I can’t breathe,” the man manages to say, but that only touches the sensitivity of the witnesses, who scold the policeman and plead with him over and over again to raise his knee, until he stops moving. “Bro, have you killed him?” One is alarmed.

George Floyd was sitting in his car when the police arrived and ordered him to get out of the car, allegedly after receiving a complaint that there was “a forgery going on,” the official statement said. “He physically resisted the agents. The officers were able to put the handcuffs on him and when they noticed that he appeared to be suffering a medical failure, they called an ambulance, ”the note added.

The mayor, Jacob Fray, has fired the four policemen involved and has invited the FBI to be part of the investigation, thereby managing to temper the protests called in different parts of the country.


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