“Africans are not the only victims of Emmanuel Macron’s contempt”, criticizes Marine Le Pen

The president of the RN group in the National Assembly, Marine Le Pen. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP

During her trip to Dakar, the leader of the RN felt that the head of state did not respect the sovereignty of Senegal.

She left her troops the fight against pension reform and took off this week in Dakar. The goal for Marine Le Pen was to leave the benches of the National Assembly for a time and to “forge links with important personalities, (…) perhaps the presidentSenegalese, said Louis Aliot, first vice-president of the National Rally (RN). A meeting which, according to Marine Le Pen’s entourage, took place last Wednesday during “almost an hour».

Following this interview, the head of the RN group at the National Assembly granted an interview to ITV Senegal. «We discussed the place of Africa, and particularly of Senegal, in the Council of Nations. I plead for a place for Africa in the UN Security Councilsaid Marine Le Pen before being asked about anti-French sentiment in Africa.

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“He despises everyone”

«I don’t think we can blame France, but the French leaders, certainly.“, she says, directly targeting the President of the Republic. “Between the Dakar speech (Nicolas Sarkozy said in 2007 that “African man has not entered history enough”causing a controversy, note)the behavior of Emmanuel Macron… I understand that Africans may say to themselves: “All in all, is there still this affection?”»

The French head of state castigates Marine Le Pen, “behave with great contempt». «The Africans are not the only victims, the French are too. He despises everyone, including the people he leads.“A contempt which, according to the leader of the RN, would go so far as to question the sovereignty of Senegal:”Respecting the sovereignty of a country, and in this case that of Senegal, means accepting that Senegal takes its decisions and not trying to impose a behavior or position on it.»

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