Afro-Americans killed near Minneapolis: fatal shot was accidentally, according to police

Status: 04/13/2021 12:43 a.m.

There have been protests after the killing of an African American at a police checkpoint near Minneapolis. Now the police chief spoke of an accident: the officer actually wanted to use an electric shock gun.

The fatal shot at a young African American in Brooklyn Center was accidental, according to police. Accordingly, an officer mistook her pistol for a taser. The policewoman actually wanted to use a stun gun and not a firearm, said Minneapolis’ suburban police chief Tim Gannon.

At the press conference, the police released body cam recordings of the attempt to arrest 20-year-old Daunte Wright. You can hear the policewoman calling “Taser” several times, but then firing a shot with her service weapon. “The officer drew her gun instead of her taser,” said Gannon. He spoke of an “accidental fire” and a “tragic death”.

Call the mother

According to police, Wright was stopped in his car on Sunday for an alleged traffic offense. Because there was an arrest warrant against him, the officers tried to arrest him. However, he got into his car. Then the fatal shot was fired. The car reportedly continued to drive before it collided with another vehicle.

Wright had called his mother, Katie, during the incident. “He was only 20 years old and didn’t deserve to be shot and killed in this way,” she said after rushing to the scene of the accident. “He said the police stopped him. I asked him why and he said because he had air fresheners on his rear-view mirror,” said the mother. His girlfriend was in the car with Wright. She was injured and was taken to the hospital.

Hundreds of people protest

There had been protests in the Brooklyn Center following the killing of Wright. Despite the curfew, several hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the local police station on Monday night. They carried Black Lives Matter flags, jumped on police vehicles, and walked the streets. In front of a police station, stones were thrown at officers. Around 20 stores were broken into, as the head of the public safety department, John Harrington, explained.

The authorities in the greater Minneapolis area have now ordered a night curfew. The mayors of the neighboring cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul also declared a state of emergency.

Biden calls for calm

US President Joe Biden meanwhile called for calm. “Peaceful protest is understandable,” he said. But there is “absolutely no justification” for violence. The President pointed out that the investigation into the case would have to be awaited.

The incident occurred less than a year after the violent death of George Floyd at a police station in Minneapolis. Less than ten miles away from the riots, the trial of the white policeman, who held the African-American’s knee on the neck for almost ten minutes, continued. Floyd’s death sparked months of protests against racism and police brutality.

With information from Claudia Sarre,
ARD-Studio Washington

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