After 11 years of hiatus, this famous series is making a comeback for a new season

This series will have marked the small screen forever, not only by the music of its credits, but also by its famous introductory phrase. “In the American criminal justice system, the prosecution service is represented by two distinct but equally important groups: the police, who investigate crimes, and the prosecutor, who prosecute criminals. Here is their story.” The finest connoisseurs will have understood it, New York Judicial Police will make a comeback for a 21st season.

Eleven years after its cancellation, NBC has indeed ordered a new season.

The new version of the series should, like the original, revolve around the police, who arrest criminals, and the justice system that tries to convict them.

Dick Wolf, the creator of the series, will be on hand to tell the rest of his baby. “It’s a dream come true,” he commented in a statement. Even if he has not yet confirmed the return of the actors of the time, Dick Wolf intends in any case to offer an end worthy of his name to the series.

The success of New York Police Judiciaire has never wavered in 20 years. The series has also inspired the spin-offs New York, special unit and New York, criminal section. After 11 years of waiting, there is no doubt that the fans will be there.

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