After a lot of trouble about the future: Löw remains a DFB coach

On Monday, the DFB Presidium will hold a conference call to discuss how the national team will continue. And finally: Jogi Löw remains a trainer! As it is said in a message, it was mutually agreed that “the path of renewal of the national team with national coach Joachim Löw, which has been taken since March 2019, will continue unreservedly”. The recommendation of the executive committee and national team director Olivier Bierhoff is being followed. Before that, the situation around Löw and his team had sparked lively discussions. And you wondered when a decision would be made.

Only three wins in 2020 – plus four draws (a 1-1 and a 3-3 against the Nati) and most recently the historic 6-0 debacle against Spain. For DFB coach Jogi Löw (60) it is getting more and more uncomfortable!

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