After a TF1 report, a Breton bakery records 1,200 orders from Kouign Amann

These orders were made in the space of a day and a half on the website of this bakery in Douarnenez.

By Côme Dubois

The Plomarc'h bakery, in Finistère, April 20, 2020.
The Plomarc’h bakery, in Finistère, April 20, 2020. Instagram (screenshot).

The town of Douarnenez (Finistère) is known to be the historical cradle of Kouign Amann. This famous Breton pastry made from bread dough, butter and sugar has been the flagship product of the Plomarc’h bakery for two generations. It is therefore quite natural that the cameras of TF1 called on this bakery to produce a report on Breton gastronomy in mid-July.

We can say that the images showing the Kouign Amann of Thierry Lucas as they come out of the oven have made the mouths of many viewers. After the show aired, the bakery’s website saw the number of sales explode with no less than 1,200 orders in 36 hours. This unusual traffic even made “planter»The bakery website. “We said to ourselves it’s a disaster, the orders fell, fell, fell», Explains Thierry Lucas, the manager of the bakery at France Blue Finistere.

The number of requests quickly overwhelmed the production capacities of this bakery, which employs 15 people. In order to satisfy all Kouign Amann fans, the website has therefore been closed temporarily.

The website closes a second time to meet demand

Today managers cannot explain this sudden craze for their products. Indeed the bakery has already been the subject of several reports in “The best bakery in France»On M6 or the 1pm newspaper without this having a significant effect on the number of orders.

Kouign Amann is an ideal product for online sale because it keeps well despite transport. “Kouign Amann is a very stable product, it can stay three weeks without moving», Explains to Figaro the manager of the bakery. “ Usually our sales increase during the summer period but in smaller dimensions than this year. We also sell it particularly at Christmas and during Black Friday where we do a Kouign Friday operation», She adds.

On Monday, the website of the Plomarc’h bakery again allowed Breton pastry lovers to place orders online. But the managers had to close it again on Tuesday afternoon because orders were picking up again. Gourmets who have not been able to obtain Kouign Amann will be able to try their luck again on Monday, August 24, as indicated on the bakery website.


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