After a video of a woman being beaten and dragged, the Riyadh police arrested two people

After a video spread of two men assaulting a woman in Riyadh, the police arrested the two citizens who appeared in the video clip.

While investigations showed that the assault erupted as a result of family disputes, the assaulted woman did not submit a report to the security authorities.

However, the Riyadh police announced the arrest of the aggressors, taking legal measures against them, and referring them to the Public Prosecution.

A video spread widely on social media showed two people assaulting a girl among pedestrians on a public street in Riyadh.

The girl appeared sitting on top of one of the cars, while someone got out of it and beat her. While another pulled her violently from the front of the car until she fell to the ground.

One of the drivers apparently documented the violent scene from inside his car, without trying to intervene to save the poor girl.

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