After Abu Faour’s words about the port explosion… Clarification from State Security

The General Directorate of State Security – Information, Guidance and Public Relations Department issued the following statement: “A statement was published by Representative Wael Abu Faour, in which he addresses the issue of the port. Therefore, the General Directorate of State Security, in order to clarify the truth, clarifies the following:

The Director General of State Security, Major General Tony Saliba, and based on the data provided to him by the State Security Office in Beirut Port, took all the required legal measures within the scope of his powers, and informed the Prime Minister of the facts on the eve of the judicial record being sealed, and then proceeded to send a written letter To the Supreme Defense Council when it learned that the competent authorities, which had the authority, had not fulfilled their duties.

We draw the attention of Representative Abu Faour to the fact that Major General Saliba had previously appeared before the former judicial investigator, Judge Fadi Sawan, twice, and gave two full statements, despite Judge Sawan’s violation of legal principles in summoning the Director General.

As for the relationship of the State Security Directorate with the departments of the Republican Palace, it is important for us to remind Representative Abu Faour that the General Directorate of State Security is legally subject to the authority of the Supreme Defense Council headed by His Excellency the President of the Republic and his deputy, the Head of Government, and that the correspondence between the Directorate and their departments is clear, and has become known from The judiciary as well as everyone, and it is ready to provide any information that would help reveal the truth of what happened, in order to achieve justice, and to stop exploitation, as a mercy to the families of the victims.


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