After Bird Box, this new survival thriller will take you in a deadly vehicle

Netflix has a habit of releasing new horror movies on a regular basis. above all survival, favorite Ritual, Also Problem.. Today we are talking about a hot new thriller, so you know what to expect. Do you see it or do you go your way? A survey awaits you at the end of the article..

Now new thriller

Maybe you’ve heard of it before: Netflix’s current thriller Like a prey, or “Prey“It’s a success in English right now. It’s a German thriller movie directed by. Thomas Seven..Synopsis From the movie Like a prey That’s it: For his bachelorette party, Roman goes on a hike with a group of friends and his brother Albert. Pulled from the forestThey first think of hunters, but soon hiking in the wilderness turns into a desperate quest to survive. The hunter is certainly not alone: It was the killer who targeted them..

In the middle of an unbalanced forest this thriller wants to play Emotions of character, And with us. At the start of the film, the question remains: who can this murderer be? And why did he choose Take these guys, Specifically for the target? The answer is of course given to you during your viewing, but it is definitely worth the detour Like a prey ?? Response through our personal analysis.

What a truly precious thriller Like a prey ??

Like a prey It doesn’t shine as much as we would like. Ride quality is promising : A 1.5 hour woodland excursion with crazed murderers, especially if you are a big fan it can make you want Survival thriller.. Unfortunately, The film is far from the original, and above all, it is sometimes very annoying.. Each character in the film is a cliché with no real depth, and like many horror films, For better or for worse, everything goes on different paths.. Also, the suspense does not exist as much as many films of the same genre. There is a good reason for this. It’s easy to see who the tracker is..

Reasons to stalk The narration is too early, What’s more. Finally, survival skills are usually survival, Will not be displayed. In short, what does not work is a simple hike. With a mad tracker.. No more no less. For more information Prey Rated 4.2 / 10 on IMDb.. At this point, the majority of the public seems to agree with us.

And are you going to see? Like a prey On netflix ?? We let you answer our survey, and via our comment space! If you still ignore it, Netflix will be available soon Interactive horror movie. All the information on this can be found in the previous article.

After Bird Box, this new survival thriller will take you in a deadly vehicle

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