After Davido and Nicki Minaj, Diamond featuring Alicia Keys

Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz has collaborated with American Alicia Keys in a song called “Wasted Energy”. It is a huge honor for the hitmaker by Jeje, because he is the only African to appear in the album, which is expected to be released on Friday September 18th. It will also be Alicia Key’s seventh studio album.

Bongo star Diamond Platnumz continues to prove that he is arguably the greatest music star to ever emerge in East Africa. This is after her last connection with world famous singer Alicia Keys in her new album.

So it’s a huge honor for Jeje’s hitmaker, because he’s the only African to appear on the album. The long-awaited project is slated for release on Friday, September 18 and, for sure, many in the East African region will be eagerly awaiting the track.

The release of this seventh studio album by Alicia Key has been delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as was first mentioned on December 7, 2019. Diamond had to be introduced to Alicia Keys by the through her producer husband “Swizz Beats”, who is a big fan of the music of the Bongo star.

American rapper, producer, entrepreneur and designer, Kasseem Dean alias “Swizz Beats”, was one of the first celebrities to seal a collaboration between Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna, “Gere”, which was published on Wednesday February 19th. . He commented on Diamond’s video, asking her to send him the track.

A few weeks later, Diamond was spotted rehearsing with “Swizz Beats” at his studios in the United States, which explains how the collaboration came about. The Tanzanian musician has taken a step further, like the Nigerian Davido, who is preparing a shock duet with the other American Nicki Minaj, in a new album “A Better Time”.

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