After Georgia Elections: Are Republicans Now Breaking With Trump?

Updated January 6, 2021, 4:25 p.m.

  • The US Democrats could secure tight control of the Senate in the Georgia elections.
  • Republicans are divided on how to stand on outgoing President Donald Trump.
  • Political scientist David Sirakov says: “Trump left a deeply divided party.”

More about the 2020 US election

Hold still until January 5th: That was the unspoken watchword of the US-Republikaner after the presidential election last November.

Donald Trump has been voted out of office, state recounts, the electoral council and courts have won its competitor Joe Biden confirmed by the Democrats. Nonetheless, the outgoing president is using all means to oppose being voted out of office.

For a long time, the Republicans watched Trump without complaint and did not move away from him – also because they had the election chances of their candidates in the state Georgia did not want to endanger. There, on Tuesday, voters have over the last two open seats in the US Senate Voted.

It is possible that the Democrats will win both races. The Republican regional politician was to blame Gabriel Sterling in an interview with CNN on election night to the president. Will the party move away from Trump now?

Still ardent Trump supporters in Congress

“There is a clash among Republicans between Real politicians on the one hand and ideologues on the other, who continue to refer very strongly to Trump,” explains David Sirakov, Director of Atlantic Academy Rhineland-Palatinate, in conversation with our editorial team.

Trump has among his party’s MPs still fervent followers. The majority of the Republican parliamentary group in the House of Representatives and 13 senators want that Still not recognizing Joe Biden’s victory. These include prominent politicians like Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.

“The Trump ideologues in Congress were themselves elected on the president’s ticket. It they find it difficult to break away from him – not only out of ideological conviction, but also on the basis of rational considerations, “says political scientist Sirakov.

The outgoing president enjoys at great support to his followers and regularly verbally abuses representatives of his own party when they criticize him. “The Republicans have been extreme over the past four years become a Trump party and have broken with some of the original values, “said Sirakov.

Republican Real politicians increasingly at a distance

At the same time there are also among Republican MPs ever stronger sales movements from Trump. Has end of December Mitch McConnell, the influential majority leader in the Senate Election victory recognized by Joe Biden.

At the beginning of January, the US Congress also overturned a presidential veto on the defense budget – the Senate also voted 40 Republicans against Trump. “At the beginning, the Real politicians tolerated Trump’s anti-democratic rhetoric,” says David Sirakov.

“Since the states certified their election results, however, they have been saying more and more: Now it’s good.”

Georgia elections as a turning point?

“Many Republicans are desperately looking for a point where they can an official break with Trump can accomplish ”, believes Sirakov. The Senate elections in Georgia could be such a point in his estimation: Because it is clear that the president has harmed his party in the past few weeks.

Shortly before the vote, Trump had once again determined the election campaign: The Washington Post had the last weekend Recording a phone call published that Trump with the Secretary of State of Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, Had led.

In it, Trump asked him to “find” 11,780 votes so that victory in the 2020 presidential election, at least in Georgia, still goes to him afterwards. That can be called Invitation to vote fraud understand.

Trump’s behavior has him too Criticism from within brought in. The Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn said the phone call was “not helpful”. On the Trump-friendly broadcaster Fox News commented the moderator Chris Wallace: Almost everything the president has done recently has cut the Republican candidate’s chances of being elected in Georgia.

Good prospects for Joe Biden

The Georgia count is still ongoing. The Democrats have already won one of the two seats, and that is also in the second race Democratic candidate just ahead.

If he actually won, it would come to the US Senate a stalemate: 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans. Since if there is a tie, the vote of the future democratic vice-president Kamala Harris the decisive factor, would have Democrats in fact one wafer-thin majority.

With such a narrow majority, it remains to be seen whether Joe Biden can implement his political program on a large scale. However, he must first have his government team confirmed by the Senate – and a majority in the Senate is definitely a great advantage, according to Sirakov: “If the Democrats win both Senate seats, Joe Biden can win his Government in office and dignity as soon as possible bring.”

There are now increasing voices among Republicans who fear that Trump’s desperate fight against his election could die Paralyze political groups in Congress.

“During this time, the party behind the opposition to Biden’s agenda should gather together,” he said Republican strategist Alex Conant the British newspaper “The Guardian”. “Instead, Trump is driving the Republicans further apart and thereby weakening their political influence.”

Whether the Real politicians or the ardent Trump supporters will prevail – that is an exciting question, says David Sirakov. So far, only one thing is clear: “Trump has one deeply divided Republican Party left behind. “The struggle between the camps would continue.

About the expert: Political scientist Dr. David Sirakov has been director of the Atlantic Academy Rhineland-Palatinate in Kaiserslautern since 2015. Among other things, he deals with the social polarization in the USA and US foreign policy. He is one of the editors of the book “Donald Trump and Politics in the USA – An Interim Review”.

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According to the US media, the Democrats achieved their first success in the important runoff elections for two Senate seats in the US state of Georgia. Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock won the vote against Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler. (Teaser image: imago images / ZUMA Wire) © ProSiebenSat.1


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