After Germany’s 6-0 defeat in Spain, calls for Joachim Löw’s resignation multiply

“Löw has to submit his resignation. ” Like the popular daily Image, the German media are no longer holding back their blows, Wednesday 18 November, the day after the historic 6-0 cashed by the Mannschaft on Tuesday in Spain.

A few hours after the rout, the German Federation (DFB) tried to extinguish the fire: during a debriefing at Munich airport, on return from Seville, Löw, his deputy Marcus Sorg and the two highest DFB leaders have agreed to continue the work together, according to information from the SID news agency.

The question of the departure of Löw, coach since 2006 and winner of the 2014 World Cup, is however the “one” of the sports pages on Wednesday. It is inseparable from another: should we remember the three 2014 world champions Thomas Müller, Jérôme Boateng and Mats Hummels, young thirty years that he definitively dismissed one year after the elimination in the first round of the 2018 World Cup , in Russia ?

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Tuesday evening, it was almost a hundred years old to remember Germany‘s previous defeat by a six-goal margin: in 1931, Austria had come to win 6-0 in Berlin in a friendly match. In official competition, the quadruple world champions had never suffered such humiliation.

Even more than the score, it was the performance against Roja that shook Germany. The way the team gave up in the second half, leaving the Spaniards to play alone, furiously recalled those periods of end of club reign, when players “let go” of their coach.

“The ‘performance’ of the national team in Seville was both a refusal to work and a cry for help”, thus estimates theExpress, daily from the Cologne region. Many commentators believe that the coach’s departure, seven months from the Euro, would be the best option. “If the officials of the German Football Association do not want to continue to turn a blind eye to reality, they can only come to one conclusion: the 189e international match of the era Joachim Löw (60) must also be his last ”, thus strikes theExpress.

“Banging your fist on the table”

Oliver Bierhoff, director of the DFB and direct superior of the coach, however took his defense immediately, live on the public channel ARD, in the minutes which followed the defeat: “The confidence is there, completely, absolutely”, he said.

Several editorialists criticize Bierhoff and the DFB for their blindness. For the Southgerman newspaper, Löw will now be permanently the target of critics, who will never forgive him for anything. “He will be criticized for not having summoned Hummels, Boateng and Müller, and if he called them back, he would also be criticized, writes the diary. His players will feel it, their confidence in his coaching skills will erode. These are the logical phenomena that Bierhoff and DFB officials must now read and understand. They still have time to act before the start of the Euro. “

On the set of ARD, Bastian Schweinsteiger, 2014 world champion and former idol of Mannschaft supporters, was devastated: “A German team is not allowed to play like that. There are certain values ​​that a German team has the duty to embody. And I did not see this on the ground ”, he said. Hot, he lamented the absence of a leader to sound the revolt (even Toni Kroos or Ilkay Gündogan seemed resigned), and pleaded for the return of the three former, who are currently shining with Bayern (Müller, Boateng) and Dortmund (Hummels ). “It is exactly in this type of match that we saw that he [manquait] players able to communicate, to bang their fists on the table ”, he blurted out.

Löw, straight in his boots, had not changed his mind at the end of the match. Asked about the recall of his banished grumblers, he replied with a sentence that left many commentators speechless: “I currently see no reason to do so. “

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