After impeachment for the 2nd: Trump bunkers in “self-pity mode” in the White House

PublishedJanuary 14, 2021, 6:05 pm

The West Wing in the White House is like a ghost town. Inside sits a pouting Donald Trump, who should now be concerned with one thing above all else.

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Already bit nasty, the photo from January 8, 2021: Donald Trump’s suspended Twitter account, taken in front of the illuminated White House. The current president spends the last days of his term of office …


... apparently bunkered, in a sullen defiant mood and isolated like never before.

… apparently bunkered, in a sullen defiant mood and isolated like never before.


Trump is in “self-pity mode”.


The introduction of the historical 2. Impeachment proceedings against him followed Donald Trump on the television in the Oval Office – in a sullen defiant mood, his mouthpiece Twitter robbed, isolated like never before.

According to sources close to him, the US president does not dream of resigning. “He’s not the type to give up,” says one of them NBCNews. “I think he will go and fight.” At the same time, the 74-year-old fell into a “self-pity mode”, according to sources from the White House.

The current president has the feeling that he has not been defended enough – in contrast to the time of the first impeachment proceedings, when in addition to his loyal supporters, most of the Republicans had supported him.

“He’s bunkering, that’s never good”

Trump is said to be disappointed by many of his vocal allies, including his Vice President, who “betrayed” him despite all his loyalty, and even Rudy Giuliani, his lawyer friend and whisperer. It is now so down that Trump refuses to pay his fee bills, writes the «Washington Post».

«He’s bunkering up, that’s never good», quoted CNN a white house source. “He’s alone and there aren’t many people left with whom he can exchange ideas. When that happens, he follows his deepest instincts ». Now even Twitter is no longer available (a You can find a selection of Trump tweets here). “Therefore only God knows what kind of valve he will need now.”

West Wing as a ghost town

In fact, the West Wing now resembles a ghost town. This is less due to the corona epidemic, but above all to the wave of resignations from cabinet members that began after the storming of Trump supporters on the Capitol. Many White House employees, so Reuters, are just ashamed and feared damage to their careers.

The few who stayed should talk Trump. For one, try to convince him to give another public speech or two to highlight his achievements over the past four years. In addition, he could condemn the technology companies that blocked his social media channels.

Pardons as a distraction?

On the other hand, you advise him to stay away from the Idea of ​​a self-pardon to say goodbye, according to US media. That would be more than legally tricky from a legal point of view, and it should only increase the likelihood that the Justice Department of the Biden government will look for charges to challenge the pardon in court.

The subject of pardons is currently one of the valves with which he gets air, writes CNN. A number of pardons are expected to be issued on Thursday, including members of Trump’s family. It is believed that the president, who has only a few days left, is also trying to divert attention from the narrative surrounding the Capitol storm.

Trump had announced that he would not take part in the celebrations on the day of the inauguration of his successor Joe Bidens. It is still unclear what he is up to that day. After all: his employees should be confident that Trump has accepted that he will have to leave the White House in a few days.

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