After it was banned .. “Fortnite” returns to “Apple” devices through an alternative solution

The famous video game Fortnite is preparing for the long-awaited return to the iPhone and iPad smartphone devices produced by the American electronics giant Apple, after they disappeared from these devices as a result of their removal from the App Store, claiming that the game’s exporter violated the rules of Apple.

And “Apple” had removed the game Fortnite from its online store, the App Store, in August 2020 after the company that developed it, Epic Games, tried to evade the fees that Apple received in exchange for downloading the game from the App Store. But thanks to an alternative solution, a new version of the game Fortnite will be released this week, compatible with the iOS operating system for Apple devices, where the game can be played using touch-screen controls through the direct play service GeForce Now.

At the same time, playing the game on Apple devices will be available to a limited number of users initially as a trial period. It is noteworthy that the GeForce Now service provided by Nvidia is one of several direct game services that have appeared in recent years and allow users to play games on the screen of their devices while playing the game itself is done online and not on the gaming device or PC.

And in September, Apple extended the removal of the game Fortnite from its store until the implementation of the appeal in its legal battle with Epic Games, the developer of the most famous battle game in the world. Apple told Epic that Fortnite will be blacklisted from the App Store system until all degrees of litigation are exhausted, a process that could take up to five years.

It is noteworthy that in August, IPIC filed a lawsuit against Apple after the latter’s decision to delete the game Fortnite from the App Store, claiming that APIC defrauded the App Store system, which ensures that Apple receives a commission in exchange for the revenue that APIC earns from the game Fortnite.

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