After landing in Doha, the national football team went directly to the station to test nucleic acid

Original title: After 9 hours of flying and landing, I went directly to the station to test the nucleic acid. The National Football team safely arrived at the top 6 floors of the hotel in Doha.

After a long flight of about 9 hours, the Qatar Airways chartered flight carrying the Chinese men’s football delegation arrived at Doha Hamad International Airport at about 5:12 in the morning local time on August 26. It is understood that the delegation has been notified before boarding that all members will go directly to the resident hotel for nucleic acid testing after arriving in Doha, which will undoubtedly greatly reduce their stay at the airport.

The Chinese men’s football delegation left the resident hotel in Shanghai at 10pm Beijing time on August 25, and plans to take a charter flight from Qatar Airways departing at 0:35am Beijing time on the 26th to Doha. It is understood that affected by the weather, the flight took off after nearly an hour delay from the scheduled time.

It is reported that the entire voyage was very smooth. Due to the limited premium seats on the plane, the head coach Li Tie still gave up his official seats to the team members. However, because the national football team went to Doha to take a chartered flight, the group has less than 80 members, so even though most of the members’ seats are arranged in economy class, everyone’s seat space is relatively large, which is convenient for rest.

It is worth noting that just before the flight took off, members of the delegation were notified that the first nucleic acid test after they arrived in Doha would be arranged directly at the resident hotel. In this case, in addition to implementing the normal immigration procedures at Hamad Airport, the team will be able to quickly enter the country and go to the resident hotel. It is not difficult to see that the preliminary work of the Chinese Football Association National Football Preparation and Guarantee Working Group is very detailed and in place.

It is understood that after the whole team enters the hotel and implements various epidemic prevention tests, it may take a little time to eat breakfast and then return to their respective rooms to rest. The national football coaching staff will also implement specific training plans in accordance with the actual situation such as venue arrangements. If the first training can be arranged in the evening or evening local time, then the team is likely to officially start training on the evening of the 26th.

Guarantee: Settled in the local Marriott Hotel to reserve independent entrances and exits

At around 7 am on August 26th, local time, the bus carried by the Chinese men’s football delegation arrived at the Doha Marriott Hotel with the local police car clearing the way. It is understood that in order to ensure the safety of the entire team, the Chinese Football Association has chartered an independent living area on the highest six floors of the hotel for all members. When the Chinese team is stationed, the opponent team will not be stationed in the same hotel.

It only took less than 2 hours for the whole team from the charter flight to arrive at the Marriott Hotel. This alleviates the fatigue of all staff to a certain extent.

It is understood that the national football delegation will be in a “bubble” closed loop of epidemic prevention throughout its stay in Qatar. When the team took the bus from Hamad International Airport to the Marriott Hotel, the local area also specially arranged a police motorcycle and a police car to clear the way for the national football vehicles.

The Qatar Football Association provided the Chinese team with 2 resident hotels in the competition area. The Chinese Football Association and the national football coaching staff decided to choose the Marriott Hotel after communication. On the one hand, the Australian team has chosen another alternative hotel-the Ritz-Carlton; on the other hand, the Marriott Hotel employs a Chinese chef.

The national football coach Li Tie, who is in quarantine, also posted a box lunch during the quarantine period on social media. He wrote: “The team successfully arrived in Doha, Qatar. According to the requirements of the health and epidemic prevention department of the Qatar government, we need to pass the nucleic acid test before we can enter the specified area. Therefore, before entering the hotel for nucleic acid testing and waiting for the test results to come out, I can only eat boxed lunch in the room for one day.”

Doha Marriott Hotel is a five-star hotel with more than 40 floors. Due to the large number of hotel rooms, it is impossible to leave all of them to the Chinese team delegation. Therefore, the Chinese Football Association has provided an independent living area on the highest 6 floors of the hotel for the entire group.

Also in order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention, the hotel reserved independent entrances and elevators for the Chinese team delegation. During the period when the National Football team enters the Marriott Hotel, they will use independent restaurants, meeting rooms, and enjoy the services of no outsider contact on this floor.

After the national football delegation arrives at the hotel, all members will first undergo nucleic acid testing. The coaching staff originally planned to arrange the whole team for the first training after arriving in Doha that night, but after arriving at the hotel, the team was notified by the local authorities that it must first undergo 12 hours of independent isolation and observation in the hotel. Therefore, whether or not to train on the same day is still subject to further negotiation by all parties.

Game: The China-Australia battle will be played in an air-conditioned stadium. Kick-off at 2 am on September 3

In the early morning of August 26, local time, nearly 80 people from the Chinese men’s football delegation arrived in Doha, Qatar, preparing to participate in the first two rounds of the Qatar World Preliminary Asian Finals 12. Soon after the team arrived at the resident hotel, the AFC and Qatar World Cup Delivery and Inheritance Committee both confirmed that the first round of the top 12 group B match between the Australian team and the Chinese team will be held at 2 a.m. Beijing time on September 3rd. It took place in the air-conditioned Khalifa International Stadium in Doha.

Prior to this, the Australian Football Association had applied for the first round of the Australian team’s top 12 match to be held in Doha. Then the Qatar Football Association provided the Australian Football Association with 4 stadiums as candidate stadiums, and these 4 stadiums are all equipped with “cooling equipment”, which is commonly known as air-conditioned stadiums.

After communication between all parties, the Australian Football Association finally selected the Khalifa International Stadium. The Qatar World Cup Delivery and Inheritance Committee wrote through its official channels: “The Khalifa International Stadium was completed in 1976 and can accommodate 40,000 people. It is the oldest of the eight official venues for the Qatar World Cup. The base is located next to each other. This stadium will host the opening game of Group B of the top 12 match between the Australian team and the Chinese team.”

It is also understood that the match between the Chinese team and the Japanese team at home on September 7 will, without accident, also be played in the same stadium. At present, the Chinese Football Association is communicating with the Qatar Football Association and other relevant parties the arrangement of the training venue for the National Football Team in Doha.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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