After lifting the subsidy … the gas canister to this price!

A member of the Syndicate of Owners of Gas Stations, George Al-Barraks, explained that “talking about lifting subsidies is not new, and that it is on the table permanently and is a fait accompli sooner or later, and it has been raised again in the past days because the Banque du Liban is no longer able, and no longer has the financial capabilities to continue supporting import imports.” benzene”.

In an interview with Al-Gomhoria in an article by journalist Rana Saarti, Al-Barraks stressed the need to search for the pricing mechanism that must be adopted after lifting the subsidy, because continuing to issue a schedule for installing prices in Lebanese pounds is illogical in light of the fluctuation of the exchange rate, and therefore stations cannot buy The fuels are in dollars from importers and sold in pounds according to the price table issued by the Ministry of Energy in pounds.”

And he demanded, “the adoption of a pricing mechanism in dollars to sell fuels at the stations, provided that payment is made by consumers either in dollars or pounds at the market exchange rate.”

Al-Barraks pointed out that “lifting the subsidy on gasoline will lead to a rise in the price of a can of gasoline by about 100,000 pounds, according to the current exchange rate at about 29 thousand pounds, and according to the price currently subsidized on an exchange platform at about 24,900 pounds. About 700,000 pounds, if the exchange rate stabilizes at its current levels and if prices stabilize globally, will become about 800,000 pounds.”

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