After Mai Omar was infected with the Corona virus .. Mohamed Rashad, “I am not gloating”

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Rashad, confirmed that his new song, “I am not a shamtan”, which was recently released on his personal page on the social networking site, is not intended to send a message to anyone, saying: “First, I am not gloating about anyone, and it is not in my nature to gloat in limit,” in an interview with the Egyptian newspaper “Al-Watan”.

From the first moment of the release of the song, “I am not shambling,” comments poured in from followers who considered that the song was directed to his ex-wife Mai Helmy after their separation, and Rashad continued in his speech, saying: “I really saw these comments a lot and I saw these questions a lot of mine, but there is no production company that will deal with a project In order to produce a song, neither a poet nor a poet will get tired of writing words, nor a composer will be tired of composing, because in the end, the singer comes to take this song and directs it to a particular person, who will keep someone crazy.”

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