After New Anti-Semitic Attack “Fear Grows” in the United States

When the American Jewish community celebrates Hanukkah, it undergoes targeted attacks on places of worship or kosher grocery stores. A machete attack in New York State on Saturday December 28 made a deep impression.

“After repeated attacks on the Jewish community, fear grows”, title the Los Angeles Times this Monday, December 30, reporting the increase in anti-Semitic violence, particularly significant since the beginning of the month. “Machete-attacker attacked terror at Hanukkah party in Monsey, New York, Saturday night [le 28]. In the USA. At XXIe century. At the dawn of a new decade ”, laments the daily life on the west coast.

“New York Governor Andrew Cuomo denounced an act of” internal terrorism “and on 13e anti-Semitic act committed in his State since December 8. […] Five people were injured in the machete attack, including one seriously ; the suspect, who fled to Manhattan, was later arrested. ”

Already in early December, a gunman had killed three people in a kosher store in Jersey City, near New York.

American Jews share their fears. “This bloody assault – committed at the home of a Hasidic rabbi, where many believers were gathered for the seventh Chanukah evening celebrations – resonates across the country, ” the newspaper said, recounting the testimony of a mother who no longer dares to send her children to the synagogue.

What possible answer?

The Los Angeles Times notes that in the two cited attacks, the alleged attackers were African-American. For the author and director Rebecca Pierce, herself black and Jewish, the situation is particularly painful. “Often we black Jews feel that we have to mediate between communities, when we are as terrorized, hurt and shocked by these violent acts as anyone else.”

After an event like what happened in Monsey, people are calling for an increased police presence. Except that in communities that pay the price for police violence, this does not improve the feeling of security. After any attack, I’m afraid. But I’m afraid of the police too. “

Voices are rising for Republicans and Democrats to act together against anti-Semitism. The daily lists some reactions, ending with that of President Trump on Twitter, which “About 16 hours after Monsey’s bloodbath, denounced an assault‘atrocious'”.

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