After raising gasoline prices… How much did one kilometer cost?

After raising the price of a can of petrol to 233,000 pounds, the cost of transportation in private and public cars increased, and the cost per kilometer became about 1,927 Lebanese pounds for a car with an average consumption of 170 km / 20 liters of petrol. (The cost increases the more the car is consumed, and also the older its model and in need of permanent maintenance).

This cost (cost per kilometer) is divided into the following items:

Gasoline cost: 1,370 Syrian pounds, which represents 71% of the cost.

The cost of oil and filter for the engine: 100 lira

Battery cost: 43 lira

The cost of wheels: 173 lira

The cost of the buggy: 14 lira

Automatic oil: 20 pounds

Front and rear brakes: 70 pounds

Windshield wipers: 7 liters

Mechanic fee: 9 lira

Third party insurance + mandatory insurance: 110 liras

Car wash 6 times a year: 11 lira

For example, the round trip cost will be:

Beirut – Tripoli: 308 thousand pounds.

Beirut – Jounieh: 95 thousand pounds.

Beirut – Saida: 173 thousand pounds.

Beirut – Zahle: 196 thousand pounds.

Beirut – Baalbek: 308 thousand pounds.

Sudden and potential malfunctions (dynamo-marsh-vitas-fan-fan-skipper-imortesor and others) are not included in the calculation of this cost.

Note: To determine the cost of battery consumption – buggy – tires, etc., we have adopted that the distance traveled by the car annually is at an average of 11,000 km, and the dollar exchange rate was set at 19,000 thousand pounds.


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