After receiving insults, a ULB professor refuses to give his last lesson which dealt with a subject present in the exam

The Université Libre de Bruxelles is facing a new controversy. After the famous story of the “p *** exam” , a new dispute shakes the university. According to our colleagues from Sudpresse, the professor in question was allegedly insulted on the Teams platform via an audio recording while he was teaching. Following this, the teacher would then have simply decided to interrupt his lesson and would then have sent an email to all his students explaining that the remaining material would be considered as seen for the exam.

The problem for academics is that the course video was not recorded on the Teams platform, by decision of the professor, and it is therefore impossible for them to find even the first part of the recording during which the professor was delivering important explanations.

For its part, the ULB indicates that the students have what is needed in their syllabus and that they “had access to the content necessary for the preparation of their exam”.

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