After Rina Gunawan’s death, Teddy Syach is still stiff as a single parent


Losing a wife and mother in the family is hard. As experienced Teddy Syach after his wife, Rina Gunawan, passed away on March 2.

The artist and entrepreneur also leaves behind two children who are very close to him, Aqshal and Karnisya. Yes, Teddy admitted that his children were closer to Rina, Mother. This was because during Rina’s life, Teddy said, he and the deceased had their respective roles in caring for children.

“Yes, to the mother. So, I want the relationship between the child (and) the parent to be greater. I have already positioned it, and I talked about it privately to the deceased. That means I want the children to be close to you,” said Teddy Syach, quoted from YouTube KH Infotainment.

“They respect them, they really appreciate it. So it was a bit hard when one day to let their mother go and having to watch the video call, it was quite hard. For myself, I can’t do anything about it.”

Until now, Teddy Syach has finally studied, trying again to deal with his older children. How to treat, even pamper them appropriately, as is done Rina Gunawan during his life.

“Like what I have to face children, treat them, spoil them, I don’t understand. But, I still try to this day,” he said.

The 46-year-old actor is grateful that until now, Rina Gunawan’s cousins ​​and close friends are still encouraging and playing with her children. “That’s what makes me light enough. So if we’re nervous we gather, then we’ll gather,” he said.

Left by Rina Gunawan, Teddy Syach admitted that he was still stiff single parent, Mother. Why does he feel that way?

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