After several months of restoration, “Might & Magic 10: Legacy” returns to the Ubisoft Store and Steam platform “Might & Magic X Legacy”

Ubisoft announced that “Might & Magic X-Legacy” will return to the Ubisoft Store and Steam platforms with immediate effect.

“Might and Magic 10: Legacy” released in 2014 continues the story of “Heroes of Might and Magic 6“At the beginning, players must create their own team, guide the adventure group to venture on the Aijin Peninsula, trigger various events, and can explore the maze and defeat epic monsters; through talking with various NPCs and reading books, you can learn more about this continent Various events that have occurred.

At the beginning of June this year, the game team shut down multiple services for security reasons, but unexpected problems occurred, resulting in players unable to play the game and some DLC content, so the team removed “Might and Magic 10: Legacy” from the game store.

The official said today: “In the past few months, the team has been investigating and testing different solutions. Now the game is finally back on the game store.” In addition to the game itself, the official also announced that it will launch the DLC “Falcon and Unicorn” for free. The Falcon & the Unicorn” for all players to explore.


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