After Sonko Oustaz’s statement Alioune Sall gives his opinion …

mass has been said! From now on since sonko has said he will not respond we ask all justice-loving Senegalese to stand ready to wage this battle which promises to be bloody and worthwhile to free our democracy from this band of looters. latest audiences.

we ask to make the round discreetly around the city keur gorgui to answer the dic which will come to kidnap sonko.
be ready at any time to rally sonko’s house or the prosecutor’s office.

let’s show macky sall the coward to whom his parents never fought that senegal belongs to us all.
know that the country is burning or not is the least of macky’s worries, his only objective is to never respond to his misappropriation of the latest audiences and those of his brother Aliou Sall and Mansour Fay. for that he is ready for anything. macky is sure that only sonko will hold him accountable; all other politicians if they come to power will end up negotiating with him. so macky is playing his trump card with the illegal use of public power.

let’s not make it easy for him!

arm yourself as best you can (machetes, clubs, stones)

the other regions take part in the battle by attacking the houses of the dignitaries of the apr


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