After sustained criticism: rbb director Schlesinger resigns

Status: 07.08.2022 8:41 p.m

See you for a month rbb– Director Schlesinger confronted with allegations. Now the station boss is drawing consequences. There had previously been calls for his resignation from Brandenburg politics.

The director of rbb, Patricia Schlesinger, resigns. “Patricia Schlesinger is resigning from her post as director of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg with immediate effect and resigning as head of the station,” the public broadcaster said. The 61-year-old was already on Thursday resigned as chair of the entire ARD community.

Schlesinger said in the statement: Your responsibility applies to that rbb and its employees. “Currently, the focus is no longer on the station’s journalistic and journalistic performance, it’s all about possible and alleged misconduct on the part of the artistic director. I very much regret that and I apologize to the employees of the station rbb for this development.”

From the Brandenburg policy it had previously called for resignation against Schlesinger rbb-Boss given. Of the rbbThe staff council expressed its dissatisfaction with the course of the investigation on the intranet. In addition, new details about the allegations have recently emerged in several media reports. The Broadcasting Council plans to hold a special session on Monday. This had already been announced before the resignation.

Numerous allegations made

The allegations that have not yet been clarified range from questionable consultancy contracts to one that has since been put on hold rbbconstruction project, a large salary increase for Schlesinger to a good 300,000 euros and an additional bonus system. It is also about alleged food with “multipliers” on rbb-Costs in her private apartment and an expensive company car, for which there is said to have been a very high discount.

The broadcaster had denied the allegations against her. In the message from Sunday, she spoke of “personal allegations and defamation”. The external investigation is currently ongoing. A whistleblower system was also set up at the station for this purpose. Results are not expected for a few weeks.

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