After the attack in Norway: the police focused on suspects earlier

Status: 10/14/2021 11:18 a.m.

The man who is said to have killed five people in the Norwegian city of Kongsberg yesterday was already in the focus of the police. According to the investigators, there were indications of tendencies towards radicalization.

After the fatal attack in the Norwegian city of Kongsberg, investigators have released further details. Accordingly, the suspect was in the focus of the police because of a suspected radicalization before the crime. The Norwegian authorities contacted him about this last year, the police said at a press conference. The evidence indicated that the 37-year-old Dane had converted to Islam.

“There have been fears of radicalization before,” said Norwegian police officer Ole Bredrup Saeverud. These fears were followed up in 2020 and before.

The responsible public prosecutor had previously announced that the suspect had admitted the acts. She confirmed that he had been in contact with the Norwegian health service on several occasions. It was not clear from the statements whether the man was being treated for mental health problems.

Five fatalities and two injured

The man is suspected of attacking numerous people with multiple weapons, including a bow and arrow, in Kongsberg last night. Five people were killed and two injured. The victims are between the ages of 50 and 70.

The attacks occurred in several locations in the city center. The perpetrator moved over a larger area, the investigators said. The center of the city had therefore been cordoned off across a large area. While escaping from the police, the attacker shot the officers with arrows. There was a “confrontation”, the police now said. According to the information, all victims may have been killed only after the police arrived.

Due to the extensive investigations, the investigators initially did not want to disclose any further details. As long as the motive of the perpetrator is unclear, a terrorist suspicion will be investigated. The alleged perpetrator is reportedly ready to cooperate with the police. The investigators assume that he acted alone.

Suspected perpetrator in custody

According to the police, the alleged attacker was arrested around half an hour after the first emergency call. One of the injured was a police officer who was not on duty at the time of the crime, Aas announced. There is no more precise information about the other victims. The injured are currently being treated in the intensive care unit of an Oslo hospital, but their lives are not in danger. In the evening, the police searched the suspect’s home and his computer.

With information from Sofie Donges, ARD-Studio Stockholm

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