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After the audio leak crisis.. Nidal Al-Ahmadiya alleges the divorce of Sherine Abdel Wahab and Hossam Habib

The Lebanese media, Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya, sparked a new controversy over the star’s relationship Sherine Abdel WahabAnd her husband, the artist Hussam HabibNot only did “Nidal” Leaked audio recording To Hossam Habib’s father, his plan reveals a plot to his son’s wife, several months ago, a leak that caused a major crisis for the duo..

The divorce of Sherine Abdel Wahab and Hossam Habib

Nidal Al-Ahmadiya said, in a new tweet via her personal account on Twitter, that Sherine divorced Hossam Habib today, pointing out that the news that indicated their separation in the past were rumors, but today’s information is real, and added, “Sherine divorced Hossam Habib .. All information about previous divorces was false. The divorce took place today.”

Sherine Abdel Wahab

On the other hand, no comment or statement was issued by Sherine Abdel Wahab or Hossam Habib, on the allegations of Nidal al-Ahmadiyya, whether confirmed or denied.

And this tweet by “Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya” opens a new chapter of the crisis between her and Sherine Abdel Wahab and Hussam Habib, as Nidal Al-Ahmadiya had leaked an audio recording of Hossam Habib’s father, last June, which sparked a major crisis at the time, then Sherine came out to respond. Strongly in the audio recording of the leaks.

The crisis of the Ahmadiyya struggle with Sherine Abdel Wahab and Hussam Habib

In Sherine’s response to Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya – at that time – she said in the first part of the recording that she posted on her Twitter account, saying: “I want to reassure all people of my health. This cruelty is because you don’t know him, he builds my personality and restores my self-confidence when I was destroyed, and Hussam loves me and my daughters and from the time you marry me, I will not do anything. I am not my mother-in-law who raised a six great man and I pray for me and Hussam with good offspring and Hussam pure and clean. “

And she continued in the second part of the recording: “My visa is not with him, and all the words are not correct, because I am all of this. My husband is a man from a very respectable family and family. I don’t want anyone to talk to him like this, neither he nor his mother, and Hussam is a man who is not dressed. We said 4 years married, even if he wants to benefit Mona was working on a single song and all people differed and suffocated. Ordinary and Hossam loves me and feels safe with him enough that all the people who exploit me came out of my life and all the snakes and corrupt things came out.

The artist Hossam Habib also responded – at the time – to the audio recording, threatening that he would pay the price by law, saying in the video: “I do not know what to say. She is supposed to be a journalist.” Habib said, “We infiltrated this man in our own way, and we said that we would monitor his phone for six months, because we have information and we have documents about what is happening, and what I sent is not an anchor, this is a secret, and this is an investigative work.”

Hossam Habib said in the first video he published to respond – at the time – to what happened that the closest people to him were involved in an attempt to distort the relationship with Sherine and these people had interests that Sherine remains in violation of their personal interests, adding: The artist has a company that manages her work and has nothing to do with her work..

And the crisis did not stop at that only, but the father of the artist Hossam Habib – at the time – and spoke about the crisis that was the cause of it through his account on Instagram, as he described himself as “an old senile by virtue of age”, expressing his apologies to him and his daughter-in-law, singer Sherine Abdel Wahab and her student. To bring Hossam his son back to his fans and sing again.

Then the artist Hossam Habib accepted his father’s apology to him after his father, Hussein Habib, wrote a message on a new account on “Instagram”, and hours did not pass, but Hossam Habib published a response to his personal account on the “Instagram” photo and video exchange site, accepting his father’s apology and commented: And I will never accept that you say against yourself an old man, senile due to age, because I am like what is not in my house, and my wife was forced to wear it without me without my parents.“.

Hossam Habib added: “No matter how much you hurt me and no matter how much you do, because you know that I am Omar, I don’t care. Someone saw me, but the satisfaction of our Lord with me and I will work like our Lord Almighty commanded me (and lower them the wing of humiliation out of mercy and say, Lord, have mercy on me.”).

At that time, Nidal Al-Ahmadiya commented on the statements of Hossam Habib and Sherine Abdel Wahab, after the audio leak, that “Hossam” could not deny him, and after a series of videos, Hussam Habib came out and sent a new message to “Nidal Al-Ahmadiyya” in a video clip he called “The Response to Evil,” in which he said:

I am looking..because I have legs and I am clean so much. His voice or not his voice does not matter to me. I only belong to my house, my wife and my family, and if he is close to me by name, then yes, but actually, no, I decided that I would face the truth with courage, and I would say to the one-eyed, you are one-eyed, and I will know you, what Egypt means, what do you mean? In the symptoms of the Egyptians and very close to the law, I will bring you and I will know what Egypt means.”

The crisis between “Hossam” and “Nidal” began after she admitted responsibility for his father’s audio leak and said: “We hacked this man in our own way, and we said for 6 months we would monitor his phone, and the one I sent to him is not a broadcaster… This is an investigative work.”

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