After the best time in the first slalom run in Sestriere, Petra Vlhova hopes for the first win of the season – start of the final run at 1:30 p.m

On the 3rd Sunday in Advent, the Ski World Cup Slalom Ladies are guests in Sestriere. In the 1997 World Cup location, after the first round, on the racing track, Giovanni A. Agnelli, Peter Vlhova took the intermediate lead in a time of 58.51 seconds. The Slovakian, who is still waiting for her first win of the season, has a lead of 24 hundredths of a second Wendy Holdener from Switzerland in the final round at 1.30 p.m. With a deficit of 33 hundredths of a second lurks Mikaela Shiffrin in 3rd place. The American could celebrate her 50th anniversary victory in the slalom today. The official FIS start list for the 2nd slalom round (final – start 1.30 p.m.) of the women in Sestriere, as well as the FIS live ticker, can be found in our data menu immediately after arrival! Here you can also follow the current live ticker of the 1st round.

Facts and Figures (Sunday, December 11th, 2022)
4th women’s slalom in Sestriere

FIS start list 1st heat – start 10.30 a.m
Women’s FIS live ticker 1st round
FIS intermediate result after the 1st round
FIS star list 2nd round – start at 1.30 p.m
Women’s FIS live ticker 2nd round
FIS women’s final slalom in Sestriere

Women’s overall World Cup standings 2022/23
Women’s World Cup Slalom 2022/23

Nations Cup: women’s ranking
Nations Cup: overall standings

All data will be updated immediately upon arrival

A good starting position for the 2nd round was achieved by the DSV racer Lena Durr, she is only 16 hundredths of a second behind the leader and 49 hundredths of a second off the podium. The Swede too Anna Sween Larsson (+ 0.77) is still aiming for a top 3 placement.

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With start number 25, the Croatian whirled Zrinka Lutic (+ 1.07) the top ten mixed up again. She classified ahead of the American Paula Moltzan (7. – + 1.10) and Ali Nullmeyer (8th – +1.46) from Canada, in 6th place.

Finished as the best Austrian Katharina Liensberger (+ 1.80) the 1st run, behind the Italian Lara DellaMea (9th – + 1.63) and the strong pointing Swiss Aline Danioth (10 – +1.76), to an unsatisfactory 11th place.

This is the current intermediate result after 50 racers. You can follow the remaining women who are still at the start in our live ticker. Should anything change within the top 10, we will of course add this later.

The men’s ski world cup calendar for the 2022/23 season

The women’s ski world cup calendar for the 2022/23 season

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