After the controversy, Carla Vizzotti came out to clarify that the two doses of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V against the coronavirus will be applied

The statements of Carla Vizzotti published on Monday added more uncertainty to the, for now, concise vaccination scheme carried out by the Argentine government. The Secretary of Access to Health had assured that a single dose of Sputnik V was not ruled out with the goal of reaching 20 million immunized by March.

However, as the hours passed, the idea generated controversy and doubts among the experts. Perhaps for this reason, Vizzotti herself came out to clarify this Tuesday that the Government will respect the application of the two doses of Russian development.

“The Sputnik V vaccine is the only one whose vaccination scheme consists of two components, firstly the Ad26 component, and after a minimum interval of 21 days, the second component Ad5. Argentina plans to administer them according to this indication“, the official wrote on the Twitter account.

Anyway, the official It did not specify in what period of time, after those 21 days, the second dose will be applied.

On Monday, the number two of the Ministry of Health had generated countless speculations by leaving open the possibility of applying only the first dose to reach a greater number of immunized and postpone the second component.

“In this context of a pandemic, it is very logical to think that more people can be vaccinated with the first dose and defer the second until the outbreak is under control“Said Vizzotti on Monday in an interview published by the newspaper Page 12.

“The most important health decision we have to make is whether we want to have 10 million people vaccinated by March with two doses or if we prefer to have 20 million people with just one“said the official.

This Tuesday, in a series of messages posted on Twitter, the official said that the schedule for the arrival of the Russian vaccine will be maintained.

“The Argentine Government acquired from the Russian Direct Investment Fund 15 million Sputnik V vaccine schemes, 30 million doses, which will arrive depending on the signed contract, between the months of December and March 2021,” he wrote.

And he added: In the next few days, as planned, 300 thousand doses of the second component will arrive, to complete the vaccination schedules that have begun. Then, the delivery schedule will continue until 100% of the acquired doses of both components are completed, as reported.

In any case, Vizzotti said that from the beginning, the Government analyzes “health actions to respond to the pandemic”, for which it entered into “negotiations with all producers to have safe and effective vaccines in sufficient quantity and in a timely manner” .

“We analyzed in consensus with experts, experts and the 24 jurisdictions, the possible vaccination strategies to achieve the objective we yearn for: to advance towards the beginning of the end of the pandemic and save as many lives as possible,” he closed.



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