After the Corona vaccine, AstraZeneca develops a drug that may reduce breast cancer deaths

After long months of restricting entry to Abu Dhabi, the Emergency Management Committee, Crises and Disasters resulting from the Corona pandemic in the emirate, announced the cancellation of the requirements for Covid-19 examinations to enter it from inside the country, as of September 19, according to the Emirates News Agency (Emirates News Agency).وام).

The UAE capital used to limit entry to those who present a negative “PCR” test result, and Abu Dhabi this month canceled the quarantine requirement for all those coming from abroad who had received the vaccination.

It also decided to stop using the electronic bracelet for home quarantine for those coming from travel and who were in contact with a positive case.

The committee stressed the adoption of the green traffic system to enter some public places in the emirate, noting that the rate of infection with Covid-19 disease in the emirate decreased to 0.2 percent of the total examinations.

The committee indicated that it will continue to urge citizens, residents and visitors to adhere to preventive measures in order to preserve the safety of society and the health gains achieved.

And Friday, the Ministry of the health 334,657 new examinations were conducted during the past 24 hours on different groups in society, recording 521 new cases of Coronavirus, all of which are stable, bringing the total recorded cases to 731,828 cases.

The Ministry also announced the death of two infected cases, as a result of the repercussions of infection with the emerging corona virus, bringing the total number of deaths to 2071 cases.

And the country recorded 614 registered cases of recovery, 723,337 cases of recovery, according to the ministry.

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