After the Countach, Lamborghini announces a new revival

Despite the current context, we are living through an exciting automotive period. Some even speak of the automobile’s “golden age”, since before a switch to 100% electric, the most prestigious manufacturers deliver absolutely exceptional creations to us in particular by echoing – already – a past that will soon be over.

Let’s also be a little more pragmatic, since it’s also a good way for builders to store money, a lot of money even, and the recipe could not be simpler, with the multiplication of limited series sold at high prices. And recently, there is a new trend emerging, that of revivals. The last, and surely the best example to date, is that of the Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4, a model that refers to the famous eponymous supercar, all with more modern technologies.

And after the Countach, it seems that Lamborghini is preparing something else in the same genre, evidenced by the video posted on social networks recently. Overall, this video follows on from the information revealed by Lamborghini at the beginning of September, with “exciting novelties” on the program, without dragging on any longer.

At first, we thought Lamborghini would likely restore the original Countach prototype. While this option is still plausible, we are now more inclined to believe that the brand is instead working on a project to restore its iconic sound. Miura. This video also confirms that the car has an atmospheric V12 powered by Weber 45 DCOE carburettors, like the famous Miura therefore.

We should have an answer within a few weeks regarding Lamborghini’s intentions on this subject, but in any case, once is not customary, we should not have the right to electric or a model technologically too sharp, but more like a car in line with what the Sant’Agata Blolognese company can do. And do well.

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