after the France 2 report on the Charente, their website is overheating

The long-term report from France 2, nicely titled “Touchez pas à la charentaise” and broadcast this Saturday at 1:15 p.m. on France 2, has not gone unnoticed, particularly in Charente. Or the story of the rescue of a national icon, from the judicial liquidation of the Manufacture Charentaise to the birth of the Atelier Charentaises.

Olivier Rondinaud, grandson of the inventor of modern Charentaise and architect of its rebirth after many vicissitudess, was on a cloud, particularly moved. And above all delighted to measure the immediate effect on the brand’s new website, launched on purpose on Friday.

“We know such an influx that our site recorded a few bugs. We must apologize for it. We have more than 2100 visitors per minute. Our web master is in full swing. We had however strengthened the bandwidth”, smiles Olivier Rondinaud.

Since May 11, Atelier Charentaises has taken up the heritage challenge, convinced that the know-how of the precious sewn-back must continue to live in Charente. From the end of August, 500 pairs of slippers were produced every day in the Atelier de La Rochefoucauld.

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