after the frenzy of an extraordinary case, the verdict of a serene justice

A man killed his wife, he was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison. The Jonathann Daval case is simple, so simple that two hours – it’s not much – were enough for the jury of the Assize Court of Haute-Saône to deliberate and deliver its verdict against the accused of 36 years old became guilty, Saturday, November 21. Epilogue of one of the most resounding news items of the XXIe century.

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But the Daval case is complex, so complex that it took six days of hearing – that’s a lot – to try a crime recognized by its author. This is explained: the investigation did not establish the motive for the murder, the trial could. Missed. To this day, only one person knows why Jonathann Daval killed Alexia: Jonathann Daval.

The accused spoke of an argument that degenerated – following a sexual intercourse refused by him -, during which would have emerged all the anger accumulated within a couple with communication breakdown, undermined by the impotence of the man and female infertility. The attorney general and Alexia’s mother put forward another explanation: it was because she wanted a divorce that Jonathann Daval killed her. A civil party lawyer imagined a third scenario in which Alexia Daval would have realized that her husband was drugging her without her knowing it, and Jonathann would have deleted her so that she does not spread the scandal. Premeditation and the possibility of postmortem rape have sometimes been put forward.

Complexity of a couple’s life

Randall Schwerdorffer brushed aside these perfectly unverifiable assumptions, including that of his client: “I will not even plead the refusal of the sexual act. We tell you: don’t believe Jonathann Daval. But you are not here to believe the scenarios of the civil party or the advocate general either. We are not here to believe, in a judicial forum. Intimate conviction is not intuition ”. Justice is doing what it can: it cannot know what happened in the marriage pavilion in Gray-la-Ville that night. “We must accept that, in a criminal case, we do not know everything. “

It is still unclear how Alexia Daval was killed. On the other hand, we know which pill swallowed one against impotence, which capsule used the other against infertility. It is known that Jonathann could be scolded for eating slices of chicken breast intended for the cat, or because the treadmill in the basement was broken. We know that Alexia told him of her weariness at his fleeting behavior, and that he heard nothing. Their text messages and the testimonies of their mutual friends have immersed us in the most intimate, the most embarrassing details, but it was necessary to grasp the complexity of the life of a couple who no longer functions.

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