After the high rates of immunization with two doses, can the mask and precautionary measures be dispensed with? Health spokesperson clarifies

Al-Marsad newspaper: The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, stressed the necessity of continuing to apply precautionary measures, including wearing a “muzzle,” noting that preventive protocols are not subject to improvisation and randomness, but rather are carried out by specialized bodies and authorities, scientists and experts who measure risks and set all procedures and protocols. appropriate for each activity.

Al-Abdali said during the press conference on the developments of the Corona virus pandemic that the Kingdom is taking positive steps that reap its fruits in the health of society and the positive indicators observed, pointing out that whenever members of society complete immunization with the two doses of the vaccine, the Kingdom will be more secure.

He pointed out that there are still individuals who have not completed their vaccination with the two doses, and it is the duty of everyone to join hands in this, even if we reach the highest levels of immunity in our society and complete the two-dose vaccination for the largest number of this community.

He concluded: “The world is going through this pandemic and we are part of this world; Therefore, we must continue to take the necessary and required limit of precautions that the competent authorities deem to be in order to overcome the pandemic in peace and safety. Therefore, we must continue to complete immunization with both doses and at the same time adhere to precautionary measures and preventive protocols, including the obligation to wear masks.”

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