After the largest Black Lives Matter demonstration, 21 wounded police officers and 45 arrested remained

Roughly 2,000 people walked through the US city of Seattle, Washington, on Saturday, protesting racism and the presence of federal agents, Reuters said as the largest demonstration of the Black Lives Matter movement in recent weeks. During a small protest in Austin, Texas, one person lost his life during the shooting, and a demonstration took place in the city of Louis in Kentucky.

During the protests in Seattle, some protesters smashed windows and set fire to a future juvenile correctional facility. Police used tear gas and flash grenades to disperse the crowd. Twenty-one men of the law were injured, and some protesters threw bricks or stones at them. One policeman ended up in the hospital, 45 protesters were arrested.

About 100 protesters marched in Austin. The local protests were disrupted by the shooting, in which one person lost his life. According to footage posted on Facebook, several shots were fired during the march. According to initial reports, the perpetrator shot a person in his car. The suspect was detained, police said. She did not provide any further information, stating that the investigation was at the beginning.

A group of heavily armed black protesters gathered in Louisville on Saturday to demand justice for Breonna Taylor, a black woman killed in March by police officers who broke into her apartment. Police tried to separate several dozen protesters with semi-automatic weapons and shotguns from a smaller armed group of their opponents.

“Federal agents, go home”

The original impulse of the unceasing wave of protests was the May death of the unarmed black George Floyd during the arrest in Minneapolis, but the participants are now united by disagreement with the deployment of federal forces in ensuring order in American cities.

Demonstrations are gaining momentum in Portland, Oregon’s most populous city, where protests have been going on for nearly two months. The Department of Homeland Security sent federal forces there three weeks ago.

During the protest in Seattle, for example, the banner “Federal agents, go home” appeared and people chanted, among other things, “There is no peace without justice.” One of the protesters, Michaud Savage, said in The New York Times that the protest expressed dissatisfaction with local authorities and the deployment of federal agents in Portland.


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