After the legendary wedding… Khaled Miqdad Talaat’s wife is “pregnant”!

A few days after the wedding of the legendary Toyor of Paradise channel star, Al-Walid Miqdad, only the pioneers of social networking sites circulated a picture of his father, businessman Khaled Miqdad, and his wife, Marwa.

The pioneers of communication confirmed that the father announced the news of his wife’s pregnancy, a few days after the marriage of their newborn son, which sparked a state of curiosity among social media activists, who searched for the truth of the news.

And the most widely circulated comment from the photo is the comment announcing the pregnancy of Marwa Miqdad, who celebrated her son’s marriage a week ago, in which it was said: “We have finished the story of Walid’s wedding and the new news is a shock.. Khaled Miqdad announces a new child who will join them after nine months.”

Comments on the photo varied on various sites and pages. Some confirmed the news and called for good offspring. Others denied the news and said it was a rumor, while some mocked the news and treated it as a joke.

By researching the truth of the news, it was found that Khaled Miqdad did not announce the pregnancy of his wife Marwa recently, and after the wedding of Al-Waleed Miqdad, his son, he did not publish a recent photo that he collected with his wife and wrote on it that they were waiting for a new baby.

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