After the mildness, winter will return: return of negative temperatures on Wednesday or Thursday

With 14.2 degrees on December 30, 14 degrees on the 31st and 13.7 degrees on January 1, several daily records have been broken in recent days. An exceptional sweetness that contrasts with a cool year overall. “After the maximum temperature record broken on December 30 (14.2 ° C), New Year’s Eve gave us at the Uccle reference station a new record with 14 ° C, or more than 8 ° C than normal. And perhaps more impressive still, it is the sweetness of the last nights of the year. The December 30 low was 12.8 ° C, more than 11 ° C above normal. This is the highest minimum value for the last decade of December, but also for the entire month tied with December 17, 2015 ”, explains Pascal Mormal, meteorologist at IRM.

What to augur a year 2022 under the sign of heat? This is a step that should not be taken. Because the images of sweetness of these last days will not be repeated in the days to come. If we can wait another 11 degrees this Monday, but with the return of the rain, the mercury will drop in the following days. “On Tuesday, the sky will be overcast with rain. In the center and south-east of the country, it will initially be moderate and continuous rains. The rains will then become intermittent from the west during the day. In the south-east of the country, however, the amounts of precipitation may still be significant. The maximums, reached in the morning, will be between 5 and 9 degrees. In the afternoon, it will be cooler“, we detail on the side of the MRI.

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