After the Riyadh-Tehran agreement, Iran is considering resuming relations with another Gulf country

Al-Marsad newspaper: Sputnik reported that important talks are currently taking place between Bahrain and Iran on a bilateral level in order to restore relations between the two countries, days after the announcement of the agreement between Tehran and Riyadh.

The agency quoted informed sources as saying that the consultations taking place between the two countries so far are on a bilateral level, and it is expected that the results will be announced soon, if there is agreement on the contentious issues being discussed.

Bahraini parliamentarian Mamdouh Al-Saleh said that the Iranian parliamentary delegation, which visited Bahrain today, expressed its desire to open more horizons of cooperation with Bahrain, while the Bahraini side affirmed the same desire.

Regarding the stage reached by the consultations between the two countries, Al-Saleh said, “I can confirm that there are good efforts to restore relations, and there will undoubtedly be positive results soon.”

According to Al-Saleh, his country’s priority is its relationship with neighbors to be based on brotherhood and a commitment to non-interference in internal affairs at the national and Arab levels, adding that Bahrain pays attention to reopening its embassy in Iran and restoring air links between the two countries, after discussing all issues between the two countries.

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