After the slap, Emmanuel Macron faces the specter of violence

“It happened, it’s not anything … It’s even very serious”, a minister breath, thinking the slap received by Emmanuel Macron, Tuesday, June 8, during a trip to Tain-l ‘Hermitage, in the Drôme. A striking image that the executive has since endeavored to put into perspective. Starting with the main interested party: “The must watch this act for what it is, that is to say an isolated case of a violent individual, “repeats has the president on Wednesday at the Council of Ministers wishes to emphasize a reference to attacks against mayors in recent months, that “some have even been attacked more violently” than him.

And if his entourage called to “be very careful on the lessons” of the incident, the fact remains: more than ever, the attack has been the Head of State revives concerns over climate future presidential campaign of 2022.

“At this rate, the countryside will be a butcher’s shop”

“It promises …” already trembles a ministerial adviser. Especially since the week had started with a heated controversy over the statements of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, mixing risk of attacks and presidential election, before being accused of “conspiracy”. Controversy which had already pushed Emmanuel Macron to react. And is the subject of discussions, Tuesday morning during the breakfast of the executives of the majority in Matignon.

“The expressions of each other, the way in which the political debate takes place, do not say anything very good about the future campaign”, worries the general delegate of LREM, Stanislas Guerini, to Le Parisien – Aujourd ‘ hui in France. “All this one day can go wrong if we are not careful to avoid any form of violence,” also says the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Marc Fesneau, warning that “words always end acts”.

It’s been a while, already, that voices are alarmed on this subject in Macronie. “We will live the most trash campaign in history,” predicted since the campaign weeks a history of 2017. “At this rate, the campaign will be a slaughter. But we must remain reasonable, and not give in to this kind of violence in which some opponents will seek to take us, “also stood out early this week support the Head of State.

VIDEO. Emmanuel Macron slapped

In the Council of Ministers, Emmanuel Macron was careful not to make the link with the coming deadline. And if he again held that “there is violence in our society,” that should not be the “trivialize” it also calls for “perspective, as it does not participate in a social climate particularly deleterious ”. How to prevent this theme from imposing itself on the political agenda of the coming weeks and months?

The memory of the yellow vests crisis

At the Elysee Palace, the target is clear: above all do not let the idea settle anger take precedence over “optimistic”, “the atmosphere of recovery,” vaunted by the executive recently . “France is not just that”, insists a close friend of Macron. “There is an exacerbation of tensions, however, observes the director general of the Jean-Jaurès Foundation, Gilles Finchelstein. We are in a gaseous democracy, unstable by the volatility of the electorate, explosive because of the weight of populism, but also the porosity of opinion to conspiracies. This last point, like “the manipulation of information”, is of particular concern to macronists, in the perspective of 2022.

It remains the symbol of the slap is all the more sensitive that revives memories of the crisis of yellow jackets, which “there are still a few pockets everywhere,” slip a walker, and tinged with hatred that rejection then spoke to the president. In April, a study by the Jean-Jaurès Foundation still pointed out that Emmanuel Macron generates negative emotions, such as “anger”, “despair” or “disgust”. And this, despite its good popularity rating.

“The indices of mistrust and discontent have never been so low,” retorts his entourage, who refutes any link with the slap and prefers to keep the image of the (very) long walkabout that followed Tuesday afternoon. “Obviously, the president will continue to contact the French,” said a minister. His next trip, most likely to Hauts-de-France next week, will certainly be closely scrutinized.

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