after the song “Santé”, when will his album be released?

STROMAE. Singer Stromae created a stir by releasing a surprise song, “Health”, along with his music video.

[Mis à jour le 18 octobre 2022 à 17h49] But when will Stromae’s new album be released? While the shock of the Belgian artist’s surprise song, Health, published Friday October 15 at six o’clock in the morning, dissipates, it is now the question which arises. Initially, the French-speaking media mentioned a release date in the fall. But to believe Le Figaro, we’ll have to wait a little longer, Stromae’s third album might not be released until early next year.

Enough to continue to maintain the mystery around the return of the artist to the three million records sold, who had disappeared from the bins for eight years and the release of Square root in 2013. While waiting for the more official announcements, the admirers of Stromae will be able to console themselves with Health and its clip, this first preview of the upcoming album, dedicated to “those who don’t celebrate”, with little hands. “For once, I’d like to raise my glass to those who don’t have one,” Stromae sings in this song.

“How about we celebrate those who don’t celebrate.” For Stromae, good news never comes alone. After having created the surprise this Friday, October 15, 2021 by catching his audience when they wake up, at six in the morning with Health, his new song, the interpreter of Papaoutai unveiled in the wake, at the end of the day, the clip that accompanies this single. Proof of the wait around the Belgian’s new project: the video has been viewed nearly five million times in a weekend.

In the video, Stromae features the people mentioned in the lyrics of his song, Rosa, Albert, Céline or Arlette, “Plane pilot or nurse, truck driver or flight attendant, Baker or fisherman” , “those who do not celebrate”, to whom he wants to “raise [s]we drink “. Everyone starts dancing, following the Maestro’s instructions. Discover the Health clip below:

The surprise is successful. In a few hours, Health, Stromae’s new song available on YouTube and all streaming listening platforms, has become one of the most commented topics on Twitter. Many internet users, anonymous or famous, are raving about this long-awaited return. “Let’s raise our glass when you come back”, for example Omar Sy wrote on Twitter. It must be said that nothing had filtered concerning this first single, published at six o’clock in the morning this Friday, October 15. For Stromae admirers, the surprise is as great as it is beautiful.

“Twitter Health!” : on social networks, to announce the surprise release of his first single, this is the formula used by Stromae. “What if we celebrated those who do not celebrate? For once, I would like to raise my glass to those who do not have one! To those who do not …”, sings the author, composer and Belgian performer in this piece, in which he evokes different trades, these “everyday heroes” tested by the Covid-19 pandemic: “Airplane pilot or nurse, truck driver or flight attendant, Baker or fisherman. “

But does the title of this new song have any other meaning? On the Internet, the term Health is very often used in association with that of Stromae, which withdrew from the scene in 2015 after, precisely, health problems. Victim of serious side effects of preventive anti-malaria treatment, he had to withdraw from public life. “I did not support the treatment, it gave me hallucinations. I thought I had fallen into madness, I was diagnosed with psychic decompensation”, he confided in this regard to Liberation in 2017.

Since his last album and his forced retirement, Stromae has diversified: with his wife Coralie Barbier and his brother Luc Junior Tam, he Paul Van Haver aka Stromae has developed their Mosaert (anagram of Stromae), a multidisciplinary label that brings together music, clips and clothes. In 2018, the singer had also unveiled a new nine-minute track, used as the soundtrack of a parade of this brand. Among his rare appearances since his withdrawal from the spotlights, a collaboration with Orelsan in 2017 or with Coldplay in 2019.

For this new album, expected in the coming weeks, Stromae can take his time: he is the producer of his project. This also explains his sudden break in 2015, after a mental decompression and a bad reaction to treatment against malaria. “Even if I had been under an artist contract, I couldn’t have been forced. Either I would have found a subterfuge, or I would have released a rotten album, without giving a shit. . Lots of artists do that “, explains Stromae to Libé. His younger brother, Luc Junior Tam, who also produces the project, adds: “We have always been producers of music, tours, and on the strength of the two albums, we were able to develop each of our skills. can continue the label without necessarily having Paul in the spotlight. “

Eleven years ago, Stromae landed on all the airwaves with the tube Then we dance. But since 2013 and the release of his album Square root, then the brutal brake on his career in 2015, the Belgian singer had withdrawn from the music scene as media. However, after having mentioned a potential return in the newspaper Liberation last November, it is in the Belgian magazine Max that the 36-year-old artist reassured his fans in May 2021, explaining that he had never given up on music. “I never really stopped. I work and I have a lot of fun. My absence does me good, but is not final. I take this opportunity to take care of my two-and-a-half-year-old son. then, it’s not like I’m no longer working. I’m just a lot less publicized “, confides the singer, who has still not given a date to this new album:” I do not have a date yet. announce. I am aware that there is demand. “

In November 2020, in an interview with the newspaper Release, Stromae was already explaining that he had never strayed from his passion. “I never really quit except at a time when I was really not well. I do it every day, I work with and for others … An album will come at some point but I don’t I don’t really have a date. To have diversified, not to have the attention focused on the Stromae project, that feels good, ”explains the 35-year-old artist.

Le single Health is good news for admirers of the Belgian artist, who had more or less formalized the release of an album this fall, before confirming his return with its program at the festival Rock en Seine, in August 2022 at the Domaine national de Saint-Cloud, near Paris. A first concert date, the very first announced in France, nearly nine years after his last album. “An event, the word is weak”, congratulate the organizers of Rock en Seine. In addition, Stromae is announced for two dates in Belgium, one in Werchter on June 19, 2022, the other in Liège on July 10, 2022.

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